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Bastard Instructor Vol 10 Epilogue

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 10 Epilogue and Afterword

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Anonymous Editor 1

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


Epilogue: The End of Everything


People in the academy exclaimed.

The giant that everyone worked together to suppress with all their strength——suddenly drooped limp and stopped moving...

Its huge body gradually turned into particles of light... it turned into a mist of mana and dissipated.

"We won… Did we win...? it over...?"

For a while, the people present didn't even know what happened, they just stared at the vaporizing giant.

Albert put down his staff and glanced at the sky.

"Hmmph... how long did you expect me to wait."

No one heard his complaint...


The feeling of time being slowed down, due to Rumia’s Ars Magna, begins to fade.

Glenn and the demon.

The gun and knifehand crossed each other. Glenn and the demon glared at each other at very close range.

Everyone held their breath and watched——


Glenn breathed and broke the silence.



The demon gradually... put down the knifehand that failed to impale Glen…

Step by step… backward…

"...Impossible… impossible..."

As the demon backed away, he repeated these words with a trembling voice.

Glenn still cautiously aimed his gun at the demon, staring at him fiercely.

"Your attack... didn't harm me at all..."

The demon pressed his chest and backed away vigorously.

The body made of adamantite... just as he said, was unscathed. The part hit by Glenn's bullet was neither perforated, nor scratched, nor dented even a little.

That's right. Glenn’s bullet passed through the demon like a ghost without substance.

"Adamantite is the indestructible is the greatest divine metal in the world...No one can destroy it… but… and yet...!?”

The demon looked at his hands.

Little by little, his hands are turning into black particles… crumbling away…

"Why am I perishing!? WHY!? Glenn Radars...WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?”

The demon roared at the incomprehensible sight.

"…It’s no big deal. I didn’t do much. "

Glenn spun his revolver with his fingertips and said,

"[Eve Kaiser's Bullet] activates my original magic [Fool’s Stab (Penetrator) ]... it's a spell that attaches my magic characteristic [Stagnation] to a bullet."


"The bullet fired by this magic gunpowder will ‘stop all physical energy changes’ and causes ‘the stagnation and destruction of the spirit body’."

"N-no way..."

"That's right. This bullet will not alter physical energy, so it will not have any physical effect on any object and will go straight through... But, the spirit body will be shredded."


"No matter how invincible or immortal your adamantite body is... my bullet attacks your defenseless spirit——directly penetrating your soul."

The body and soul overlap each other.

Generally speaking, if it does not cause harm to the body, the soul inside the body will not be harmed. It is impossible to shoot through the enemy's soul alone——not to mention, an opponent whose body is made of invincible adamantite.

But——Glenn's [Fool’s Stab] made it possible.

"It's just that the magic bullet will lose its effectiveness instantly when it is out of the barrel. So it can't be shot from a long distance… you understand? This thing is only effective in close combat, when it is executed at zero range."

Only then did the demon realize that he was duped.

If Glenn tried to attack from zero distance from the beginning, the demon would be alerted. Even fools will subconsciously avoid such odd attacks.

But, Glenn took a meaningless shot from long-range first——giving the demon the illusion that Glenn’s final trump card is ineffective...

This invited the demon to approach Glenn hastily——leading to such a result.

"Absurd... this... how is it possible...?”

"I will say it no matter how many times it takes..."

Nameless said to the demon coldly.

"You look down on humans too much"

That's all…

"Impossible... I didn't expect that I... Acero Hierro would be killed... Ah... Glenn Radars... I remember... That time...!? IT WAS YOU!! IT WAS YOU!!... GGAAHHHHHHH!!”

...The demon uttered a dying scream, deteriorated into an amorphous black light, and dissipated——gone with the wind without a sound.



Sistine, Rumia, Re=L…

Everyone kept a tense silence. They couldn't believe that everything was over.

"[Fool’s Stab] is activated before the assassination... After sealing the enemy's magic with the [Fool’s World]——no matter how strong the opponent is at magic defense, they can be killed regardless… It’s a technique I created specifically for that purpose… In short, it is the embodiment of my malice and murderous intent.”

Glenn abruptly confessed with his back to the three girls.


The name is exceptionally ironic when you think about it.

Sometimes, even if a sage utilizes all of his immense wisdom, he still can't prevent a rash stab from a fool with a dagger.

The technique to kill a magician.

It is impossible to imagine what Glenn was thinking at the time of giving it such a name.

The three girls didn't know what to say to him.


Glenn stretched lazily and turned to look at the three girls.

"We successfully protected Rumia! So it’s OK, right!?"

Glenn looked back at ease and smiled heartily.

Then he holstered the revolver and walked towards Rumia... smiled and poked her forehead.


"Seriously… You were too reckless..."

Glenn complained half speechlessly and half tenderly.

"Uhh, at that time… I heard your wish… and the secrets in your heart..."


"Oh, I really don't deserve to be a teacher. I've been worrying about my little things... and was completely unaware of your conflicts..."

"No... No such thing...because..."

"...I'm sorry. You have always been acting strong in front of us... In reality, you were bottling up your true feelings. Resentments... worries... suffering alone... Right?"

"...Tea-teacher... teacher..."

"Forcing yourself to try hard... pretending to be a good girl and enduring silently... It’s enough, Rumia. You don’t need to pretend to be strong anymore, and you don’t have to shoulder any burdens or give up anything. There is no need to be a sensible good girl, you can be a little bit more willful.”


Glenn stroked Rumia's head tenderly.

“...Shall we go home? Back to the academy. And we’ll figure it out together, okay? We’ll figure out a way for you to be happy in this world ... with us ... no, with everyone. Hey, I was an assassin with blood on his hands, but there are people who accepted me ...In this world... if there are people who are willing to accept me, then there surely will be people who will accept you as well. You will definitely be able to overcome these difficulties... right? So …”

Glenn paused, looked at Rumia softly, and said.

"Let’s go home together."

"Tea-teacher... Uuu… hick… wahhh!"

Rumia hugged Glenn and cried like a child. The shackles that had been imprisoning her soul since childhood were finally taken off.


"...Um... great... although I don't really understand."

Sistine and Re=L both stared at Glenn and Rumia in tears.

At this moment... The [Ship of Flames] began to shake violently.

It gradually turned into particles of light, and began to melt and fell apart.

The demon who was the source of magic power has disappeared, so the [Ship of Flames] can no longer maintain its existence.

"Tsk...such a cliche ending..."

Glenn grinned bitterly.

"Teacher, what are you still talking about!? Let's run away!"

"Hmm, Glenn, slow."

"Hey! Why did you leave me behind and run away? Are you that cold-hearted!?"

Sistine and Re=L had already ran toward the exit.

Glenn hurriedly took up Rumia's hand, who was wiping her tears, and planned to run——

"Hey, Nameless! You too——"

Looking back, he tried to call Nameless——


She had disappeared.

"Tsk... That guy is still like that... Forget it, it doesn't matter."

They will meet again someday.

So time to slip away first.

Back to the irreplaceable place——




——The Austras Mountains behind the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

Near the summit of one of the mountains.

In a deserted area covered with snow all year round——

"Hah…! Hah…! Ahh…!”

The demon, Lazar, fell on the ground——still alive.

"That was really dangerous...!”

Glenn’s magic bullet shattered the demon’s soul, causing a chain reaction of collapse.

For the demon whose existence is closer to a spirit than a human being——Glenn's magic bullet is extremely lethal like a caustic poison.

The destruction of the demon should be inevitable.

"But... made it in time...!”

At that time, the demon reanimated his body again, abandoning most of the soul that had been eroded by the poison of the magic bullet, and recovered the magic power he had poured into the [Ship of Flames]——in order to make up the soul that he had lost. Somehow, he was able to barely maintain his existence.

(That was close... If there wasn’t the [Ship of Flames]... if that Glenn Radars casually takes another shot... I would have perished...!)

The demon stood up trembling.

The body after re-materialization was in a foul state.

Barely alive and barely able to move.

"It's not over yet... I'm not done yet... I must find the ‘God’ that exists in this world...!”

Although Lazar was fused with the Demon General [Iron Cavalry General] Acero Hierro, the fusion magic made his consciousness closer to that of humans.

The demon——Lazar recalled the ancient memory of when he was a human being.

That was——two hundred years ago.

As one of the Six Heroes, he fought against the Evil Gods from the Outer Universe——The Magic War.

"That's right... In that battle, I lost the ‘Lord’ I believed in... Lost my God..."

Lazar was originally a devout believer in the Church of St. Elisares.

He believed in the Lord, in salvation, and in the justice ruled by the Lord——and became the mightiest templar.

In order to repay God's grace and benevolence, he vowed to dedicate everything he had… to protect the faith, to guard the powerless believers who believed in the same god… This was his belief and way of being.

However, Lazar became enlightened in the Magic War two hundred years ago.

What kind of being is the god of this world?

Something magnificent——God, does exist in this world.

But it was different from what Lazar believed in——the savior who brings grace, gospel, and salvation to all believers——

It was the incarnation of unfathomable abomination and malice beyond human comprehension——it can be said to be the enemy of mankind.

...It was a horrific battle.

Like Lazar, many believed in the existence of a god of salvation.

However, these people were wiped away like dust by the evil gods that existed in reality… Even Lazar's beloved wife and children… They were obviously devout believers too...

Even if he maintains the devotion of his faith until his death, even if he repeats God's name countless times.

The evil gods trampled everything in their path, ruthlessly rained down destruction, as if mocking the naivety of the believers’ behavior... They had been praying, but the god they believed in did not respond.

In this world——there is no god.

No, there is a god, but not the kind of god they believed in.

The so-called gods are full of malice, something that humans cannot understand——

"In the final decisive battle two hundred years ago, I lost everything… I lost my faith… I was dying… I loathed the Lord whom I had believed in since I can remember… the antipathy … curse it..."

But... just when Lazar was perishing——at that time

He——The Great Prophet——appeared in front of Lazar and showed him a clear path.

"...The Akashic Records… I touched a corner of its power… I saw the tip of the iceberg of truth..."

According to the doctrine of the Church of St. Elisares... The Lord is everything, and the only... That is the existence of omniscience and omnipotence.

Since omniscience and omnipotence is God.

Then the omnipotent "truth"——isn't the Akashic Records the true "God"?

There is no such thing as good or evil, completely colorless and untainted.

The most perfect existence——the so-called god.

The god one should serve——the god one should worship——was the Akashic Records.

At that time, Lazar, who now understood everything, accepted the "key" from the Great Prophet... and joined the third group [Heaven’s Order]... and became a Demon General.

"That's right... I want to grant the Akashic Records to the Great Prophet...! The witch who serves the omniscient and almighty lord must also be perfect...! Therefore, I must kill the imperfect Rumia Tingel...! I…"

To regain God and regain faith——Only at that moment can he sincerely pray for the lives lost in the war… Pray for the blessings of his loved ones.

Lazar declared firmly——then.

"...But that kind of thing is a delusion."

Suddenly, a man appeared…

"Lazar. You’re fundamentally wrong... God shouldn't be outside of oneself... for he resides within."

"What did you say…!?”

Lazar's eyes widened.

The man who shouldn't be here——right in front of him.

“‘When you are lost, please listen to the voice of your conscience. For it is the Lord’s words.’... ‘The Lord communicates with you through your conscience at all times…’ ...St. Elisares Bible, Chapter 3; The Apostles’ Gospel, verse 47, 48..."

"It's impossible... why are you...?”

"Lazar. Your sin is... not believing in your inner god, but pursuing an outer false god. You are weak."

"Jatice Lowfan!? Why are you still alive...!?”

Jatice, who had been killed by Lazar himself, undeniably terminated... was alive and stood on his two legs.

"...I'm an alchemist, it’s a piece of cake duplicating a body.”

"Impossible! Even if the body can be copied, the spirit and soul!? What did you do!? Could it be that [Project: Revive Life]!?”

"Of course it's impossible. If you use that method, I'm essentially another person... Don't associate me with that scummy stuff. I am, in the flesh, the real Jatice Lowfan..."

Jatice smiled playfully.

"I... the essence of my existence... my soul is divided into two... nothing more. In order to kill you, this was a necessity, so it can’t be helped."

Lazar was speechless.

"What are you talking about you lunatic...!? Splitting your soul into two!? What will happen to your ‘self’!? Even if you can divide the unique ‘self’ in this world into two parts...After the separation, both sides are equivalent to you...! Then why can one of you entrust everything to the other you when I kill you!? This is ludicrous!? This is absolutely impossible!? How are you——"

"Because this is Justice."

Jatice sneered unwaveringly.

"I am indeed dead... But, I shall live to carry out Justice...! My will, my own will, shall continue to eliminate evil! What's wrong with that!?"

"Do you think that there is no cost… to use this method of blaspheming bioethics...!"

"Of course, it is obvious——how much damage this accursed method will bring to the soul... I am afraid I have five or six years left to live... it will definitely steadily decrease in the future... But, it is enough."

Jatice laughed at the panicking Lazar.

"So much time… ah, so much for me to execute sentences of justice on true evil… enough for me to get the Akashic Records and eliminate all abomination in the world… hehehe..."

The revolt, antipathy, and fear felt from the man in front of Lazar are just like the evil gods he fought two hundred years ago.

"Well then, heretic Lazar, let's begin the adjudication. The adjudged sentence is death. Use your death to pay for your sin of abandoning your faith!"

Jatice declared cheerfully, and stretched out his left hand to Lazar.

"...Don't be too arrogant, measly human!”

Lazar rushed towards Jatice swiftly, and severed Jatice’s left arm below his elbow.


The bloody Jatice jumped back lightly, showing a cold smile.

"You think you can beat me!? Even if I was injured by Glenn Radars' magic bullet, my adamantite body is still intact! Just you——"

"...Don't you understand? You are no longer worthy to be my opponent."

Jatice declared confidently——

Lazar's left hand——the left hand previously stained by Jatice's blood——the bloodstains began to flash ominously red.

"What the hell!? What’s happening!?”

The adamantite left arm disobeyed Lazar, turned into particles of light… and then drifted to Jatice's side with the wind...

Then gathered on Jatice's severed left elbow——a new left hand was formed.

"Huh? So this is the mystery of ancient civilization… adamantite?...hehehe, it seems to be very useful."

"You, what have you done!?”

Lazar screamed.

"Shut it. I finally got a fun toy... I just took away the control of your left hand... I cursed your left hand at the cost of my life."


"Adamantite is metal after all... How could an alchemist like me not be able to control it... Of course, according to my previous calculations, even if I risk my life, the success rate is only 10%... But... If I can't do such trivial things, I will never catch up with Glenn. For Glenn 10% is a synonym for 100%."

What just happened?

What is with this man?

For a gambling game with a win rate of less than 10%, he did not hesitate to bet half of his soul?

It’s odd, no matter what you think——this is not something that humans can do.

This man can already be said to be a phenomenon called "Jatice" or something.

"Alright... prepare yourself Lazar. It's time for your execution."

Jatice let the adamantite deform.

A black sword jagged from the back of his hand.

"Don't find excuses like ‘If I'm still in my perfect condition——’ alright?"

"Uh, I… ah...!? Don't come here...!”

Jatice carried the black sword and walked slowly towards the demon without hesitation.

"My goddess... [Eustia's balance] has announced the calculation results...even if you are in the best win rate at this moment——is 100%"


Lazar raised the remaining right knifehand and rushed towards Jatice.

In response, Jatice slid forward and swung the black sword of adamantite.

The wind howled——Jatice and Lazar passed by.


Lazar's body was sliced into two parts from top to bottom…

Then Lazar’s body turned into black mist and evaporated into the air——

"...Justice has been executed."

Jatice muttered to himself coldly.

"But... Glenn... you are good."

After turning the black sword hand back to its original state, Jatice, who left the scene, said abruptly——

"I thought I finally caught up with you... Then you have gone yet beyond... To be honest, I am really frustrated... How would I ever catch up with you? Hehehe..."

Jatice smirked and walked briskly down the cold snow-capped mountains.

His original magic "expected" Glenn would somehow save Rumia's life.

But... it was not "expected" that Fejite would be intact.

Jatice unreservedly admired Glenn, as well as being scorchingly envious.

"No matter... my path has just begun."

Jatice thought about his next course of action, and regained his composure——

"After this incident... the radical faction of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom is basically destroyed... The Academy will usher in a short period of peace... You can enjoy the short tranquility, Glenn... *puff*... I'll see you again… Someday… in the near future."

That's all.

Jatice disappeared.

...No one knows his whereabouts.


Leaving the rapidly disintegrating [Ship of Flames] on the Celica Dragon.

They flew through the air, tore through the clouds, and cut through the gale——descending towards the ground.

Below is the gorgeous townscape of Fejite shining in the red sunset——

It began looking like a miniature, but it gradually enlarged and became textured——


Finally, the academy buildings became visible, a voice came to their ears.

That is——

"Teacher Glenn!"




"Everyone, welcome back!"

——It is the grand cheers of the academy students. They were in the courtyard, on the roof, and in the window of the school building——welcoming Glenn and their triumphant return.

The deafening and fanatical cheers never ceased.

As Glenn and the others approached, the cheers grew louder.

At last…

Celica Dragon flapped her wings and landed slowly in the courtyard.

Glenn and the others hopped off the dragon's back.


The students of Glenn’s class all rushed towards them——

"Teacher! You did it!"

"Rumia, thank you!"

"Sistine, Re=L——you have worked hard!"

"Thanks to the teacher, we——"

"Idiot, wrong! This is ours, everyone's victory!"

"Yes, it's everyone's victory! It's a victory that everyone won together!"


Kash, Cecil, Wendy, Teresa, Lynn, Kai and Rod—

Alf, Bix, Caesar, Luzer, Annette, Bella, Kathy——

...Even Gibul.

All the students in Glenn’s class were there, and they clamored around Glenn.

"Haha... It seems that there is no need to worry at all."


Rumia smiled.


"Well done, Glenn. Worthy of praise."

Someone patted Glenn on the shoulder. It's Celica.

"Oh it’s Celica, have you transformed back into human form...Hey——"

"I have always believed in you. I knew you could do it..."

"——Put your clothes on first AAAHH!"

"...? Ah, I forgot."

Lifting her transformation, Celica displayed her beautiful and glamorous goddess-like nude body in front of everyone, causing a huge commotion.


In the midst of the students in the courtyard enjoying the thrill of victory.

"It's over... right?"


Liz breathed a sigh of relief. Jaill snorted and turned away.

"...Huh? Are you leaving now? Jaill."

"I have paid back the favor... and... I don't really like this atmosphere..."

"...Hehe, cute."

Liz smiled and watched the back of Jaill who was leaving alone.


"Ah~~It was tough~~"

"You all have worked hard."

"Damn... reconstruction work starts tomorrow... my head hurts..."

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! But, a lot of good data has been collected——!"

Baron Zest, Headmaster Rick, Halley, Orwell and other academy lecturers all breathed a sigh of relief and gathered to celebrate the victory.

"Also, what on earth should I do!? What on earth should we do!? Especially Rumia Tingel's——!"

Harley complained, destroying his precious hair follicles.

"Nothing much I’d say."

Baron Zest said meaningfully.


Rumia was surrounded by a large group of students, and she smiled sincerely.

"Let her go to school as usual, and provide her with the normal school days. Protecting her smile...this is our adult's duty, right?"

Baron Zest smiled sincerely and kindly, watching the precious scene before him.

"...What’s your real intention?"

“As the honorary chairman of the National Association for the Protection of Beautiful Girls and Young Girls, how could I not protect a beautiful girl like Rumia-chan!"

"Headmaster!? Fire this guy!"

"...Well, I also think it's time to consider it seriously."

At this time.


Cecilia waved and hurried over.

"Oh, Professor Cecilia... uh… how’s everything...?"

Headmaster Rick asked worriedly.

"…No problem"

Cecilia laughed.

"Although there are severely injured people who need to recuperate for a while... but no one died."

Phew... the people present were all relieved.

"A miracle... in such a fierce battle..."

"...Thanks to the command of the Special Missions Annex..."

"Also, Professor Cecilia's efforts."


Cecilia smiled brightly.

"It's the teachers, the students... thanks to everyone tod-aaahhh!"

The moment she tried to say that, Cecilia suddenly fell down and vomited blood with a smile on her face.

"Professor Cecilia!?"

"Professor Cecilia, who was already super frail, fell!"

"Ha, ha, ha... grandmother... Long time no see..."

"No! If this goes on, it would be the first death in this turmoil!"

As a result, the teachers of the academy were also dragged into the whirlwind of chaos.


"Gah~~! It was a fun tough one this time!"

Bernard sat cross-legged in the corner of the courtyard, watching the noisy academy teachers and students.

"Yeah, that's right... Fortunately, it ended safely."

Christoph smiled.

"... Fejite's isolation barrier was broken just now. The imperial army will come to clean up the mess soon."

"...In other words, our work has just begun."

"AAAAHHHH!! Give me a break!”

At a distance from the trio of Christoph, Albert and Bernard——


Eve leaned against a wall in a daze.

(Regarding this incident...I am afraid I will not be able to escape punishment from the military upper echelon...)

And Eve's father would probably not hesitate to sever his relationship with her.

Blame everything on Eve's recklessness and failures.

(...I will need to be prepared...)

But how to put it, it feels like it doesn't matter anymore, tired.

(That’s right… An incompetent like me... is not fit for the head anyways... and magic has not been restored in my left hand either... ahaha... I don’t care anymore...)

When Eve was feeling a little discouraged——


Suddenly, two girls walked up to Eve silently.

Those were Wendy and Teresa in the unit under Eve’s command.

"What? Are you here to complain? Want to say that I am an incompetent commander...?"

Eve didn't look at their faces, and said boredly.

"Thank you very much!"

The two girls bowed their heads respectfully to Eve.


"Thank you very much for your help!"

"Sorry, we said bad things about you behind your back. You are undoubtedly a role model for soldiers. Please continue to do your best!"


The innocent trust of the girls reminded Eve a little... a long time ago... of what she had been forcing herself to forget…

"’s no big deal..."

She casually spoke and turned her face aside.

Her cheeks...slightly flushed.



At the academy, the joy and enthusiasm are still not dying down——

"As long as I, super teacher Glenn Radars, is involved! Rescuing Fejite is nothing but a trivial matter! Hahahahahahahaha! You shall regard me as your savior from now on and sincerely worship me!"

Glenn, surrounded by students, always acted vainly.

((((So annoying...))))

The expressions of the students are still full of joy, but their hearts thought the same.

"That's right! Everyone! Let’s crowd surf grandmaster Glenn Radars who contributed the most in this battle! Okay!"

Kash suggested with a mischievous expression. The students then all nodded mischievously…

"Huh? The attitude is good. Okay, I will give you this glorious right. Come then, lift me up carefully..."

Glenn proudly handed his body to the students who planned to lift him up…

The students spontaneously began to whisper a spell…

"Ah, huh...? You guys, why are you chanting a spell that strengthens your body...? Huh... ah... wait a minute!"

"""""One two! GO!""""


With the strength of all the students, Glenn burst into tears and flew straight into the sky——

"...It's over"


Sistine, Rumia, and Re=L watched them messing around.

"Glenn, seems to be very happy... I want to try too..."

Re=L walked towards Glenn and the others.

"Now, Sisti...thank you."

Rumia spoke to Sistine suddenly.

"Dummy, you don't need to apologize...we are family remember?"

Sistine smiled.


"But... I have something... I want to apologize to Sisti..."

Rumia answered with a smile.

"Huh? What is it? "

"I...decided to be a little honest with my don't want to give up on pursuing Teacher."


Rumia's shocking confession left Sistine's brain blank.

She kept smiling and said to Sistine——

"Hey...won’t we be rivals now?"

"Wh, wha,, what do you mean...?!"

Sistine looked very flustered. However, Rumia still smiled brilliantly.

"...It's okay. I’m not going anywhere. I'll wait for Sisti to figure it out..."

Then, Rumia briskly ran towards the noisy Glenn and the students...and looked back at Sistine.

"So, by then… it will be a fair game… right?"

She smiled mischievously and happily…

Facing this dazzling smile like a midsummer bloom…

"I, I don't know what you are talking about!"

Sistine shrugged, pretending to know nothing... and ran after Rumia.

For some reason, her face was red as if she was breathing fire…

Her heart beats wildly, as if her chest was about to split——



Hi everyone, it’s Taro Hitsuji.

The tenth volume of "Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor" has finally been published.

Here, I would like to extend my endless gratitude to the editor in charge, the publishers, and the readers who have been supporting this series. This time the volume of the work finally came to double digits. This is all thanks to all the people who supported me, thank you very much!

Regarding the tenth volume...As the author, there is a feeling of "finally here!". In retrospect, this story started with my dark history notebook... and has developed to what it is now. It turns out that if you reach the limit of chuunibyo, it can become a “thing” of itself. I’m deeply moved.

That's right, chuunibyo is nothing to be ashamed of! Instead you should be proud of it! Indeed, there are many voices in the world criticizing chuunibyo, but I express my full opposition to it! All spiritual creativity starts with chuunibyo! It may be said to be naive, but that was a destined path in life! It’s the greatest possibility that could bloom into a huge flower! That’s what chuunibyo is!

That's right sheep (Histuji)'s time for you to forgive yourself...Thanks to that painful dark history notebook, you can make it to this day...You should puff out your chest in pride...!

"I am fearless!"

Anyways. It’s finally the 10th volume. I plan to return to the starting point after a long time, and opened the dark history notebook that I have not read for a long time, to read with immense pride.


"Strange...! I should be proud, but I just feel so dizzy... Is this the so-called urge to scream in a futon (dig a hole and hide in it)...!"

...I really shouldn't look at this thing.

Leave these aside for now.

It’s the 10th volume of the story, Rokudenashi has finally turned over, and is now in the second half of the story.

The story will likely continue for a long time. As an author, I will strive to create works that satisfy readers in the future. Thank you for your support of the series.

Taro Hitsuji


Comments from the Team

Looking for someone with university-level English to assist in editing and proofreading translations. Contact SeVen#1733 on Discord for opportunities.

From Anonymous Editor 1,

This is the point where the story really begins, I'd suggest re-reading volume 6, it's perhaps the most important volume to be aware of for the upcoming volumes. Everything Nameless says is important.

From UrsaTL,

As the executive editor stated, the story will be advancing swiftly after this. The executive editor and I have both read the entire series, so we know everything that is going to happen. If you would like to immerse yourself into the story more, or perhaps just to understand it better, we suggest re-reading volume 6 specifically. Read into the lines of the non-humans, and you will discover plenty of details.

Join the official Discord at:

Enjoy the translations!

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thanks for the chapter !!!

Me gusta
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