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Bastard Instructor Vol 11 Chapter 1

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 11 Chapter 1

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Executive Editor, Max

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


Chapter 1: An Anticipating Complication

A short while before Glenn’s screech——

“——Isn’t it a little out-of-the-blue… to have an assembly at this time?”

A bored Sistine whispered to Rumia, seated on her right.

This is the academy's arena.

Because it was built to the southeast of the main classroom buildings, the arena was undisturbed by the recent conflict. Currently, all the students of the academy are congregated here by class.

A sudden notice came in the morning, stating the entire academy will have an emergency assembly here at the arena.

“Yeah, the first semester exams are still ongoing… What is going on?”

Rumia, waiting with Sistine, spoke——

“Hey, Rumia, Sistine... do I have to stay here?”

——And the sleepy Re=L became a little upset.

“It’s boring here. I… I want to go back.”

“Ah, ahaha… hang in there, Re=L. I will buy you a strawberry tart later.”

Rumia bitterly smiled, attempting to comfort the unsettled Re=L.

No matter the age or generation, the boring moments before the rally are grueling for all.

Sistine glanced around her…

“Just what is the assembly for!?”

“Uhh, umm… probably something important… I guess...”

“Maybe ending the final exams!? Since that big problem did happen!?”

“Hn, in your dreams.”

“Seriously... Kash, you’re hopeless.”

The students: Cecil, Lynn, Kash, Gibul, Wendy, Teresa, and others all speculated the purpose of the emergency campus-wide assembly.

Isn’t it time to start paying attention? Just as Sistine thought this——

——Rumia poked Sistine in the side.

“What’s wrong, Rumia? Something on your mind?”

“Hmm, maybe I am thinking too much… but… do you see that?”

Rumia, confused, pointed towards somewhere.

It is Glenn lined up at the wall with the other lecturers.

“Doesn’t teacher Glenn… look… odd?”


Wrinkled shirt, slacks, and short-tailed hair… The usual Glenn appearance.

But he is standing up straight, hands aligned, feet together, expressionless——like a mannequin or a doll in a military stance in attention.

“Teacher was alright this morning, but his movement and expression now is very stiff…”

“Hmm? Well, it’s alright. It’s good for him to act properly once in a while.”

Sistine and Rumia's conversation was cut off by some motion on the stage.

Rustling filled the stadium.

A man walked onto the stage, then slowly walked towards the podium in the center.

“Looks like it is finally starting.”

Under the gaze of everyone present, the man leisurely walked onto the podium.

A man around his 60s. He has carefully groomed his beard and mustache, and his rich and tidy hair was filled with products. He wore an elegant coat over his luxurious shirt, giving off the impression of an upper-class gentleman.

His small eyes are cold and sharp, the wrinkles between his eyebrows give off an unapproachable air.

(Huh? I’ve never seen him before. Who is that? One of the board of directors…?)

Sistine pondered as she observed the man.

The students around her are also confused. The buzz spread like waves in a pond.

(I mean… What happened to headmaster Rick? Normally the first person to greet the students is the headmaster… Did he take the day off?)

Sistine thought.


The man on the podium spoke, and it was an astounding statement.

“In short——everybody’s headmaster, Rick Walken, was dismissed yesterday.”

Tink——in an instant, pin-drop silence.

“Starting today, I, Maxim Tirano, will take over as headmaster. Keep that in mind.”


The entire venue was drowned in a serene silence… finally.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAA!? What was that!? Did you hear him!?”

“Liar! Why would headmaster Rick suddenly be relieved!?”

Confusion and turmoil spread in the venue.

The new headmaster Maxim annoyingly looked at the fussing students.


Then a deafening roar.

He glanced around the settled venue, and fiercely declared.

“Let me say something. What has destroyed this academy, the one founded by her majesty Alicia III… Was fundamentally because of your incompetence. Your laziness, weakness, and ineptitude.”

Maxim's ruthless declaration left a bitter taste in the students’ mouths.

“If I was the headmaster, I would not have allowed these terrorists to do whatever they wanted… no matter, it is in the past, there is no point in talking about it now.”

Maxim lightly glanced over the furious students.

“I will emphasize it again: I am the new headmaster of this academy. This academy is simply too old-fashioned. It is not responding to progress. As headmaster, I will pulverize this old-as-fossils education system.”

Maxim ignored the rumbling students and continued to passionately speak.

From his expression, he firmly believes he is correct.

“For inexperienced people like all of you, you don’t need individuality or the wisdom of a magician. What you need is to be a strength that can contribute to the empire in an emergency… the essence of being a magician. Meer students shouldn’t seek out hobbies other than strength. So I promise, I will sculpt this academy into a highly efficient and ideal place to hone your magician strengths. So first-of-all——”

The content of Maxim’s proposal was just ludicrous.

To summarize… Maxim seeks to completely alter the focus of the education to military training and neglect any subject, magic, or research that does not directly increase combat prowess.

Naturally, subjects like natural science, history of magic, magic geology, astronomy, mathematics, magic physics, magic archaeology, etcetera, are the targets of the reform. The students and professors in these subjects clenched their heads.

On the other hand, curriculums directly related to combat prowess like magic tactics theory and magic combat training have significantly increased in importance.

Furthermore, instructors from the imperial military will be dispatched to enact military training at the academy, to prepare for an emergency.

Also, students of Maxim will be transferred to the academy as a “Model Class” into every grade. These students are given privileged status and the normal students’ goal is to become the “Model Class.” This way Maxim will ensure obedience.

“Reform” is just a label for this brutal act of fundamentally destroying the academy.

“——That is all. I believe this change will lead the empire further forward. The transition will be implemented next semester. I hope everyone will accept it by heart——”

“The heck is that!? Quit fooling around!”

“What is that, you selfish bastard!?”

A natural reaction.

Hell turned over in the venue.

The students and professors screamed when they understood Maxim’s declaration.

Amidst this chaos began the Q&A——

“I can’t approve of this.”

Student council president Liz Filmer came up to speak. The usual calm and collected expression can no longer hide her anger and disgust.

“...Headmaster Maxim, what gives you the right to completely flip the academy? Is such an act allowed by the authorities?”

“So you are the student council president Liz Filmer? Hn, let me state this, the board unanimously supports my decision. Your denunciation will do nothing.”


“Be prepared. When I become headmaster, student organizations that foster individuality will be abolished… We don’t need them here.”

Liz furiously pierced Maxim with her eyes… But Maxim was unmoved as he thinks he has absolute authority in this situation.

“W-wait! Headmaster Maxim!”

Then, the academy doctor Cecilia raised her hand with a solemn expression and began to speak.

“Just now, you said that many of the ‘medical’ subjects will be targeted… Please reconsider your decision! Medical research and related laws are imperative to establishing quality medical facilities for the public. Allowing the general public to have access to health care is very important.”

“No. Modern forensics medicine has reached the adequate level for field applications. It is wasteful to continue funding the research.”

Cecilia’s cries were also brushed aside.


Crushed, Cecilia slumps and falls.

Afterward, students and professors all voiced their dissenting opinions, but they were all shut down by Maxim. It seems he has steeled his mind on reforming.

Some of the students and professors are only disagreeing in order to maintain their status and authority. They are not working together.

“Wait, Professor Carlos, you are just trying to protect your lab.”

“What! You already get preferential treatment!? Move over!”

“What! I am just——”

Rather, they are trying to get another leg up on the others.

A good situation for someone like Maxim.

(Hm. It was a breeze conquering this academy… None of them are my opponents.)

Maxim laughed at the tumultuous situation.

In the corner of the venue.

“...Sis-Sisti… Are you alright?”

Rumia worryingly questioned the pale and silent Sistine next to her.


Sistine’s beautiful face starts to distort, it seems like she is going to cry.

One of the targets of Maxim’s reform was Sistine’s dream of magic archaeology… Which Maxim called pointless.

So, now, Sistine cannot accomplish her dream.

“From now on… what will happen… to us…”

Sistine shut her eyes and clenched her trembling fists… and then.


A deafening howl blew away the dreary atmosphere.

The howling person (in a very stiff manner) leaped onto the stage… Everyone was focused on him.

It was an expected entrance.

Even in the most dire situation, he will find a solution.

——he was the one everyone was hoping for.

That person was the hero who entered the [Ship of Flames] and defeated the strongest demon.


“HEY! I won’t let someone like you do whatever you want at this academy! YA BALDY!”

That was Glenn Radars.


On the other side of the campus, in the middle of the courtyard.

“OI! What is that stupid doll doing!”

Glenn’s eyes were wide open, leaning in, staring at the video.

“No, that guy is really getting on my nerves, I really want to berate him! Even though I had this thought! But I can’t! This dude is an authority!”


It was too late.

(Copy Doll) Glenn stiffly walked in front of Maxim… DONNN! He stomped the podium with his foot, leaned close to Maxim, observing him expressionlessly.

“HAH? Reform to more efficiently produce superior human resources!? Abandoning subjects!? Oi, are you stupid? I can already see the future. All the garbage that this braindead revamp will produce! You brought such losses to the empire, be ready to be charged with treason and getting the death sentence. AWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!”

Because of his expressionless face, his laughter was 3 times as revolting as it echoed in the stadium.

“Wh-... y-you…”

“Also, the heck is ‘Model Class’? Are you crazy? The students that the super teacher god Glenn Radars taught, are infinitely better than the poor weaklings that you got! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?”

Maxim froze in place, it seems like he didn’t expect to be directly roasted.

“Anyways, I don’t accept you as headmaster! No, I am certain, nobody here accepts you! GO HOME AND LOOK FOR YA MOMMY! YA BALDY”


The students put their hands in the air and cheered the unfaltering and unafraid Glenn (doll).


“As expected of Teacher, he can do what we don’t dare!”

“I am astonished!”

The heavy atmosphere from before completely dissipated.

In front of the common enemy, no matter if one accepts or rejects Glenn, everyone rallied together.

It was no longer about self-preservation.

Glenn (doll)’s bravery struck a chord in everyone.

“Hey, Headmasterbate. How about we decide whether to reform or not with a duel?”






“Hey! Please stop fanning the flames! Or else I can’t stay at the school anymore!”

On the other end, Glenn is in tears.

“DAMN IT! All because I input too much personality data, now it completely backfired! This indeed is exactly how I would act——ahh and the duel! Emergency stop! Where is the emergency stop command?!”

Glenn frantically wrote something on the back of the tablet.


“Guh!? A duel!? Have you thought this through!? If it is just you against me it is pointless.”

The rebellious air created by Glenn (doll) overwhelmed Maxim. Maxim desperately refutes as large beads of cold sweat roll down his forehead. No matter how bold one is, they will still falter in front of a crowd of adversaries.

“Let me state this, my backing completely controls this school! I have absolute control over this school! Which means yo-… uhh?”

Glenn (doll) suddenly froze.

It was like he was petrified. Pretty scary.

“Wh-what happened… y-, are you alright?”

A few seconds later.

Glenn (doll) began stiffly moving… expressionlessly moving.

He reached out… grabbed Maxim’s head… and lifted his arm.


Something left Maxim’s head.

“““... ah”””

Everybody’s jaw dropped.


Maxim touched the top of his head panicking.

A smooth sensation came.

The expressionless Glenn (doll)... mercilessly clasped Maxim’s wig in his hand.



Prang! Clang! Snap! Glenn repeatedly smashed the magic calculator into the bench.

“What kind of command was that! Why would someone need a command to pluck someone’s wig off! Aahhh this creator!”

The audience was all clenching their stomachs dying of laughter, while Glenn was starting to cry.

“DAMN! Enough! I need to stop it… SHIT! I have broken it! Crud, it can’t receive the command! AHHHH! SERIOUSLY!”

Throwing away the magic calculator, Glenn started sprinting in tears.



The sound of laughter filled the stadium, showing no sign of stopping.

“Y-you bastard… Even though I heard you were a problem professor… But I never thought-, that you would-, humiliate me like this. GLENN RADARSSSS!”

While desperately hiding his shining bald head (can’t), he glared at Glenn (doll) in an expression that could pierce a demon.

“Heh! What are you going to do about it!?”


Maxim started thinking with his head boiling over.

He glanced at the rally of students led by the rebellious Glenn.

No good... These students are out of control.

Of course, he expected backlash when he is transforming the school.

Maxim intended to use his backing from the Board of Directors, then utilizing professional recommendations for employment and scholarships to bribe the students, in order to gradually quell the resistance.

He was confident that he could.

He was confident he would control this school.

But, it looks like Maxim would be thrown out by the students before that.

It is not that he cannot use the Board of Directors, it is that there are limits to what the board can do.

If the students unite and rebel together, even the board will have to obey. The parents of some of the students are influential aristocrats. None adore their children more than the parents.

To influence the other party takes time, and time is of the essence right now…

(All… because of this guy…!)

Most likely, if this man named Glenn remains, the Anti-Maxim party will not disappear, and Maxim will not be able to take control of the school.

First——this man needs to be eliminated, so the Anti-Maxim movement will falter.

But, in order to dismiss him, there needs to be a valid reason.

If they forcibly remove Glenn, then the revolt will be even larger.

A martyr is more troublesome than an alive one.

So, Glenn must be crushed via an undoubtable and legitimate method.

Conveniently, Glenn has suggested that means.

There is no choice but to accept it.

“Alright… as you said, let’s decide the fate of the school with a duel.”

“Hoh? What will you do? Go head to head with me?”

“Hn, idiot. Muscle brain. Since we are deciding the future of the academy… then obviously we will compete via our abilities as an instructor.”

Maxim snorted delightedly.

“Change of topic, listen up… Actually, I wanted to open up the [Inverse Campus] in the academy grounds as part of the reform.”

Inverse Campus.

As soon as the name came out, there was a ruckus in the audience.

“If the Inverse Campus is opened, then the academy grounds will be vastly expanded. More instructors and students will be able to enroll here. More laboratories and facilities… The opening of the Inverse Campus will bring immeasurable benefit to the academy.”

“Huh…? Inverse Campus...? That Alicia III...?”

“But, isn’t the [key] to the Inverse Campus lost due to her majesty’s demise...”

The students and instructors uttered such a thing and looked at each other stunned.

The Inverse Campus… Everyone enrolled at the academy knows of this place.

That campus——is created in another dimension. Another Alzano Imperial Magic Academy behind a dimensional wall.

That is the [Inverse Campus].

Alicia III is the thirteenth queen of the Alzano Empire, founder of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, and the first headmaster of the school. She created the [Inverse Campus] in hopes of continuing development. The vast space is incomparable with the academy in the overworld.

However, due to Alicia III’s untimely demise shortly after the Inverse Campus’ completion, the [key] to the Inverse Campus is lost.

After the loss of the [key], various magicians attempted to access the gate in another dimension, but bore no fruit… The plan was frozen and abandoned.

The Inverse Campus became a ghost campus. An urban legend.

“Hn, but I found that [key].”

Maxim delightedly declared, puffed out his chest, and pulled out an old notebook.

“This is the [Note of Alicia III] I obtained the other day… Yes, that lost 24th notebook! This notebook is the [key] to the Inverse Campus!”

Everyone in the venue held their breath.

Alicia III’s 24th notebook——a national treasure where the empire is paying a massive reward to whoever finds it.

Chatter, chatter, chatter… The students could not hide their upset at such a joke-like turn of events.

“Back to the main topic. What is the most efficient method at evaluating magicians’ capabilities? Duel? Mage corps battle? No, I believe it is a ‘survival battle.’ Combat prowess, situational awareness and judgment, and longevity… A survival battle tests every aspect of the ‘combat strength’ of a magician. But, in order to have a fair survival battle, a large arena is required… Spaces capable of holding a survival battle are scarce… You understand what I mean now right?”

“Hmm… Inverse Campus?”

Maxim coldly grinned at the expressionless Glenn (doll).

“That’s right. Model Class——the students I taught will face-off against your students in a survival battle in the Inverse Campus. This will also serve as a memorial celebration for the opening of the Inverse Campus.”


“The date… probably better to decide now, instead of making a hassle later. The date and time will be 2 weeks after the final exams. If your students beat mine, then I will turn a blind eye to the humiliation and withdraw my plans for reform. But, I don’t think that will happen.”

At this instance, Glenn’s class erupted into cheers.

“Yeah! Let’s get it! Leave it to us, teacher!”

“That’s right! We will win and protect this school!”

“We can’t let that baldy do whatever he wants to this beloved school!”


“However, if your students lose… That will prove that my philosophy is correct. Then, of course, my amendments will be pushed… and you who have executed that foolish teaching, will be removed.”

Maxim’s declaration froze the atmosphere.

“Since you publicly humiliated me, if I don’t do this much, the antipathy I have for you cannot be quelled. But if you apologize in front of all the students and instructors, and retract your duel, it is not impossible for me to forgive you… What will you do?”


Everyone held their breaths and watched Glenn… then.


With an odd scream, someone bolted for the stage past the students——and tossed something onto the podium.


A thick smog of smoke enveloped Glenn (doll).

“Wh-what!? Smokescreen!?”

“Oi, who, who the hell! Cough cough!”

The podium was covered in smoke. The students and Maxim let out cries.

“Damn, stupid dog shit doll, all these extra imitation crud! Take this! Take this! TAKE THISSS!”


In the smoke came the sounds of crying and smashing, reverberating in the stadium.

When the smoke dissipated——

“Hah… Hah… Hah...”

——is an exhausted and distressed Glenn——

——as well as the scattered remains of the doll under his feet.

Needless to say, the debris is Glenn Doll. After being destroyed, the transformation magic through light manipulation was cancelled. The doll returned to its former inorganic appearance.

“Glenn… What’s that strange junk under your feet? Looks like it just suddenly appeared there…?.”

Maxim spoke and glanced at the scattered garbage in confusion.

“Aa! Seriously, this place isn’t properly cleaned! Just who the hell tossed all these large pieces of trash! What is this sloppy behavior! Looks like reforms are pretty necessary!”

Glenn (real body) turned his face in another direction and kept kicking the remains of the doll toward a corner of the podium.

"Uh, that... about my students and your students’ survival battle..."

Glenn showed a flattering smile and observed Maxim's expressions with trepidation.

To be honest, he really wanted to apologize.

Although the result of losing the duel is cruel, the biggest problem is actually Maxim’s "students"——

(If I can solve the problem by abandoning my dignity and apologizing honestly...)

Glenn’s specialty is at abandoning his dignity and pride. This is nothing difficult.

However——Glenn looked back at his students.

"Teach, teacher...! W-we...!"

Glenn's students all looked at him with complicated expressions.

After all, this duel will determine Glenn’s job. He must proceed with caution.

Of course, the students hope to fight Maxim, to protect this school, to protect their place… Their eager eyes have already shown this.

However, their expressions also have a hint of bewilderment. “I don’t want Glenn to shoulder the responsibility, so I don’t know what to do” are plastered over their faces.


Glenn looked at the faces of the students one after another.

Sistine who said with a smile on her face that she wanted to carry on her grandfather’s dream to conduct magical archaeological research.

Rumia who wants magic to benefit mankind in a real sense.

Re=L said she doesn't know what to do in the future, but will explore her options.

Of course, it's not just them.

Kash who wants to earn money for his family, Gibul who wants to rise in the country through ability, Wendy who wants to be a competent noble aristocrat, Teresa who wants to use magic in business activities, Cecil who purely wants to learn knowledge, and Lynn who one day wishes she can be proud of herself…

The numerous students of the academy all have their dreams…

No matter what dream it was, it is extremely dazzling to Glenn, who has lost his dream.

If they accept Maxim's amendments… Most of these various dreams will be destroyed.

Not only that.

For students, school is an irreplaceable place to learn and grow together with their peers, and to share laughter and tears.

Maxim intends to trample on all of this with his arbitrary educational philosophy.

That's right.

If Glenn bowed his head to apologize, maybe he would not be fired.

But——what does he really want to protect?


The whole school was eagerly waiting for Glenn's response.

Glenn was silent for a while... He glanced at the students who were all focused on him... Then Glenn looked back at Maxim——

“... Okay? My job... is in your hands!”

Glenn smiled fearlessly and slowly took off the glove on his left hand...

SLAP. He forcefully threw his gloves on Maxim's face.


"Hmph, (I) regret it! Be prepared! (mainly me), we will defeat you! (hopefully) "

At this moment.


The whole school passionately cheered Glenn on.

Glenn's courage and determination touched everyone and made them shed tears.


The audience chanted Glenn's name.

"Tea-teacher...seriously? Is this really okay? You are going to entrust everything to us...?"

"For us...?"

Cecil, Teresa——

"Well, I actually expected it to end up this way..."

"Yes, even if we try to dissuade him, he will definitely still do it for us..."

"Damn...that stupid lecturer, he is acting cool again...!"

Gibul, Wendy, Kash——

They all stared at Glenn’s back with complex expressions, at the one who had dedicated his life to defending the academy.

"Teach-teacher… sacrificing for us's so stupid...why...why does the teacher always..."

"No, Sisti... The teacher stood up for us... All we can do is to trust the teacher and win the battle..."

"Mm, we won't lose. Although I don't really get it"

Sistine, Rumia, and Re=L all emotionally stared at Glenn's back... They are determined to win.

(...Why does this happen? Huh? What about my dream life of doing nothing and collecting wages next semester...?)

In the warm cheers.

Glenn, who put on a very handsome pose, shed blood and tears in his heart.

At the same time, a woman folded her arms over her chest, leaning her back against the wall of the venue opposite of the podium.

"...Huh, foolish as always."

She is wearing the official uniform of an academy lecturer, and she is about twenty years old. With fiery red hair and a cold beauty, she looked at Glenn in the distance with unfriendly and somewhat speechless eyes.

"Glenn...What will you show me this time?"

After finishing this sentence.

She left the arena without looking back.



In the school library far away from the arena——at the innermost part of the underground library.

Due to the large number of books in the collection, not even the school knows exactly what books are in the sealed area, nor their specific locations.

Amidst a deep darkness impervious to light, innumerable bookshelves with the unique smell of ancient decaying books, line up like a labyrinth.

In a corner where there should be no one——

In the darkness——

A young girl leaned on the bookshelf and slowly opened her eyes.

"So...she finally started to act..."

The girl looked at her hands, clenched her fists and released them——

"Sure enough, my strength and movement are limited... but this will have to do."

She said to herself.

The girl began walking alone in the darkness.


Various conspiracies have begun to move beneath the school——


Comments from the Team

From the Executive Editor,

Want faster releases? Help out plox. Looking for people with university-level English to assist in proofreading.

From UrsaTL,

Sometimes my genius, it generates gravity. If you listen very carefully, you can hear my genius. My genius, it's almost frightening.

Enjoy the translations

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