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Bastard Instructor Vol 11 Chapter 3

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 11 Chapter 3

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Executive Editor

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


Chapter 3: Instructor Eve

"Uhh, listen up."

In the usual classroom where all of Glenn’s class two students are gathered.

Glenn introduces Eve to the class.

"This is Eve, who was dispatched from the Imperial Army. She will serve as the instructor for the ‘Military Training’ course the school will conduct next semester."

"Imperial Army, Eighth Mage Corps of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, Junior Knight Eve Distorre. I will be in charge of administering the ‘Military Training’ course next semester. Nice to meet you——"

Eve introduced herself plainly… then.


The whole class——especially the boys——cheered.

"Wh-what's wrong!? What’s going on!?"

Eve, who didn't understand why they suddenly cheered, blinked in confusion. "Woooooo! When I heard a tactician will be here, I assumed it would be some old fart or a demon ape instructor. But, we get a real beauty instead!"

"Her disgusted expression is great!"

"Ah, she feels like a mature woman who has experienced the sweet and sour of life...!"

"Wait, wait! Even if she looks beautiful, she is a soldier and an instructor! Maybe she’ll be very strict..."

"We are going to be exhausted during training, and cruelly abused until we vomit blood!"

""""""I’m so excited!!""""""

The boys, headed by Kash, extended a warm welcome to Eve's arrival.

"...Glenn… what’s up with them..."

"Give it up... they are always like this."

Eve was speechless. Glenn sighed and advised her not to think about it too much.

"Hey, boys! Don’t look at Eve that way, please!"

"Yeah, yeah! Miss Eve is our savior!"

Wendy and Teresa stood up and reprimanded the noisy boys.

"She was a brave soldier who disregarded her wounds and fought until the end of the previous battle to protect us from the giant golem!"

"Yes, thanks to Miss Eve, we are safe. She is the role model for imperial soldiers!"

At this time.

"So that's it! I thought I saw her somewhere, so that’s when——!"

"Yeah, I was also rescued by Miss Eve that time..."

"Even though we were in different units...Speaking of which, Miss Eve wasn’t doing much then... but she continued to fight despite her injuries...for us..."

Everyone's eyes gradually showed their admiration for Eve.

"Wh-what... What’s with those looks?"

Eve was uneasy.

"Uhh! Saved by me!? Ha, Don't get the wrong idea."

Eve crossed her arms in front of her chest, glanced to the side, and dismissed the idea.

"That’s all that the incompetent me could do at that time… Anyway… Trash like me..."

… However.

"Wow… and so humble too… She’s so admirable."

"Crap, I'm going to fall in love..."

"This, this is a real imperial soldier...!?"

“Please step on me!”

The students admired Eve.

(Ahhhhh, seriously! What's wrong with these kids!?)

For Eve, everybody around her was always "enemies".

Therefore, she is not used to being praised by others.

"... Le-let’s go back to the topic at hand."

To hide her embarrassment, she covered her flushed face, and changed the subject whilst shaking.

"I've heard about it. You are planning to have a survival battle with the Model Class to prevent the reform of the academy and save Glenn from being fired?... I will make it clear to you: you will never win at your current ability level."


Eve's ruthless statement made the students gasp.

"Just take a look at your faces. For someone who is about to face a battle with no chance of winning, there is not a hint of nervousness. Despite being in such a difficult situation, from the bottom of your hearts, you all believe you will win... Am I wrong?"

Ignoring the students’ reactions, Eve continued to pour cold water on them.

"Are you overconfident, just because you survived the last battle? Or are you overly optimistic because the trustworthy and dependable teacher Glenn is here? Which one is it?"


The whole class froze over. The previous fiery atmosphere disappeared completely.

"That's why I am here."

Eve brushed up her long hair and continued to speak bluntly.

"The survival battle is two weeks after the final exams are over. Glenn intends to give you special training during the meantime. However, he can't take care of the whole class, so I will also help you with special training as an instructor. Be grateful.”


"You will all be sleeping at school starting today, and participating in the special training camp. You will all be drilled until you can’t get up anymore… But, If you wish to quit now, that’s fine as well."

Eve concluded with a little sarcasm.

"Please! Miss Eve!"

Kash stood up and bowed deeply to Eve.

"Indeed, it is true that we were underestimating this survival battle...but, but...we can't let that arrogant bastard Maxim do whatever he wants to this school...!"

"Moreover, we want Teacher Glenn to continue teaching us!"

"We are willing to do anything... Please, Miss Eve, spare us mercy!"

Then, Kash and the other students stood up.

"...What the hell is with these kids..."

The unexpected reaction from the students put Eve at a loss.

"Perhaps something rekindled their desire to win?"

Glenn looked at Eve with a smirk.

"...It doesn’t matter to me... what a peculiar group of people..."

Eve turned her face to the side.

"Anyway… thanks a lot."

Glenn also turned away, scratching his cheek, and thanked Eve in a low voice.

"...What? Why are you thanking me?"

"No... as you said, it will be difficult for me to take care of everyone by myself..."


"Although I don't know what sort of hot air that was, with your help, the chance of success will increase... So, at least... thank you."


"Hmph, don’t misunderstand me."

Eve looked at Glenn and said.

"I’m not doing this for you, this is the job I was assigned. And… I still hate you."

"Wh-! Of course, I know!? You think I don't hate you!? Let me tell you, I haven't forgiven you at all!"

"Yes, good. I don't want you to get the illusion that our relationship is improving. I’m re-confirming it’s not."


Glenn and Eve began quarreling in front of the students.

"Seriously, you have been so annoying since I was in the army! No wonder you can't get married!"

"Ah!? You care about me so much!? I'm only nineteen years old!"

"No, I am sure that you will die alone! You may have a passable face, but your personality is garbage."

"Wha… then you not even an eccentric lunatic will be your bride! Although your looks are tolerable, you are still a piece of trash!"

"Hah? What the hell? Do you want to fight?"

"Hmph! What!"

Then they stared at each other like mortal enemies.

This kind of childlike quarreling stunned the students.


At this time.

Sistine had a very ominous hunch.

Glenn, who is usually very lax when dealing with people, never tries to be nice when he is with Eve.

And the mature coolheaded Eve shows no hesitation when berating Glenn.

At first glance, they seem to have a terrible relationship.

No matter how you look at it, they are incompatible.


(Wh-what's going on...? I just randomly have a terrible premonition… it is like a sleeping dragon… it’s like the entire world will turn over… ugh such an unpleasant feeling… I just don’t know what it is, but——!)

Sistine shivered inexplicably.

"...Ah, ahahaha...We seem to have encountered a fearsome rival..."

Rumia smiled bitterly beside her.

"Ri-rrr-ri, rival!? What do you mean!? Anyway, it has nothing to do with me! Also, it doesn't make sense to call her a rival!?"

Sistine inexplicably panicked.

"...Sistine and Rumia... are acting weird..."

Re=L, who didn’t understand what was happening, tilted her head in perplexity.


After that, everyone disbanded for the time being.

Glenn applied to use the dormitory of the academy student hall.

The student hall is a comprehensive facility for students from various clubs for training camps and study sessions.

For staying overnight for the special training camp, this is the perfect facility.

The students quickly packed their luggage and checked into the dormitory.

Of course, the boys’ rooms and the girls’ rooms are on different floors.

After finishing preparations for the training camp, Glenn, Eve and the class 2 students arrived at the stadium.

It is about sunset.

The color of the sky is changing, and the stadium is gradually being dyed red.

"First of all, I want to confirm how powerful you are as magicians."

Eve declared to the second class.

"Regarding the rules… just a basic one-on-one duel. You don't need to care about winning or losing, just fight."


Eve randomly matched the students and let them begin one-on-one magic battles.

"[Thunder Sprites]!"

"[Great Wind]!"

The purple electricity shot from their fingertips and the violent gusts released from their palms rushed between the students.

Various spells dashed across the magic arena.

Some of these students must be unconvinced when Eve said they would never win.

They desperately demonstrated their strength, and from time to time they would cast triumphant glances at Eve, as if they were saying, "How about it? I’m pretty good right?”


Eve folded her arms and looked back and forth blankly.

"How is it?"

Glenn asked.

"Their fighting method… you taught it?"

"...Well, with the two courses of magical tactics and magic combat…”

"No wonder they’re so weak."

Eve smirked, and Glenn didn’t say anything.

"Huh? Are you upset? I'm sorry, I didn't think you’d be so insulted."

"I understand, relative to their magical abilities, right?"

Glenn turned his face to the side.

Eve ignored Glenn, and continued to watch the students.

"However, those three are outstanding."

Eve pointed to Gibul, Kash, Wendy…

Their win rate is significantly higher than other students.

"Also, the ex-princess... Rumia. She is incredibly courageous. Is she really an ordinary person?"

Eve stared at Rumia.

Compared with the trio just pointed out, her win rate is not that high… but no matter whether it is a spell grazing her cheek or hitting her body, she does not waver or flinch, she has a terrifyingly strong spirit.

"She's not very suitable for one-on-one... But that guts... If she is used to form a three-man team as a combat unit, she will be an excellent rear support... This is a rare talent even in the military."

"I think so too."

Eve then looked at Re=L.

In a one-on-one magic battle, she is just avoiding the opponent's spells.

After all, she didn't have any spells that could effectively attack the opponent.

If it is close combat, she would be invincible, but if it is not melee combat, it will only end up this way.

"...I think it's time to think of something new for her. I’ve thought about it for a long time..."

"...Yes. Albert and I used to help her in magic battles, so there was no need for that. And despite her inability to cast spells, her performance was outstanding."

"Moreover, I always feel that if I try to teach her, it will make her weaker than she is now..."

Eve looked at the silver-haired girl last.

She is the person with the highest winning percentage in the class.

"[Great Wind]!"


The girl seized the opportunity to release a gust that blew her opponent out of the ring.

"Wow! As expected of Sistine!"

She has completed more than ten matches and is undefeated. It seems that she will not lose.

She was the only one who displayed an indomitable strength.

"Sistine Fibel. Apart from Re=L, who is a soldier, she was the exceptional one. Talent combined with effort, as well as actual combat experience… she is no longer in the realm of a student."


"...Could it be that you taught her one-on-one? ... Ah, don't worry, I don't mean anything by it."

"Yes, I taught her one-on-one."

"...I'll just say it. Her fighting style resembles yours."

Eve laughed.

"But, you should be able to understand… she's almost at the limit."


"As long as the person who is teaching her is you, she won't improve anymore; although that sounds cruel."

"Tsk… Of course I knew this."

Glenn scratched his head irritated.

"In short, the students in your class are excellent. You taught them well."

"Then, what is your opinion? Is it possible to beat the Model Class?"

Eve, looking puzzled,

"Huh? You should understand even if I don’t say it. Of course it is——"

Just when Eve was going to say something——

"Hello everyone~~"

A frivolous greeting echoed throughout the stadium.

A group of students in academy uniforms appeared.

But Glenn doesn't recognize them.

(...Is it the Model Class?)

After Glenn made the inference, the group of students strutted toward Glenn.

"Uh, Glenn… right? It seems that teacher Glenn's students are already preparing for the survival battle in two weeks?"

The leader of this group——Zach——declared frivolously.

The Model Class headed by Zach saw the scene of the one-on-one duel of the class 2 students, and they all made sounds as if they were desperately holding back a laugh.

Sistine has just finished practice and is resting… the group of people looked down on the rest of the Class 2 students.

(These guys...)

The opponent was just a group of students, so Glenn didn't take it seriously.

Zach asked with a smirk.

"Hey, teacher. I have a suggestion… Shall we help you?"

"...Huh? What do you mean?"

"What do you mean what do I mean? We want to spar with them~ You see, are we not the Model Class? Let's be the models for teacher's class."

Zach's words made Glenn sharpen his eyes.

At this time.

"Greetings, Teacher Glenn. I am Mabel Kreutzel"

Said Mabel, the last girl with glasses in the Model Class group.

"Teacher, to be honest, I think the survival battle is a waste of our time."

"What did you say?"

"After you see the strength gap between our two sides, your students will give up the survival battle with us in the Inverse Campus. Due to this, the teacher should cancel the duel, and we don't need to fight. That's why I put forward this idea and brought them here.”

Mabel walked up to Glenn… and said plainly.

"Would you like to have a spar now... us and your students?"

Glenn stared at Mabel for a long while in silence.

"...No, it's not necessary. I decl——"

When he was about to reject their proposal and turn around——.

"Alright, bring it."

Eve simply agreed.

"You have exactly twenty people right now. Then we will decide the outcome in twenty one-on-one duels. Basic spells and no brawling... so that you won't get hurt, alright?"

"Hmm, lame rules, whatever, this school is lame anyways."

"Hey everyone, duels! We will be drawing straws to determine the order."

After hearing Eve's words, Zach and the other model class students began to prepare.

Mabel stared at Eve silently... then turned her back.

"Hey, Eve, what are you doing?"

Wondering what was happening, some class 2 students gathered up.

Glenn stuck his nose in front of Eve and stared at her angrily.

"Hmph, just shut up and watch."

Eve folded her hands on her chest, staring at Glenn with a cold expression.

"Also, you should know it will never work out like this, right?"

"...Hmph, I really hate people like you."

Glenn turned his back.

(...What’s with the teacher...)

Sistine worriedly looked at the terrible atmosphere between Glenn and Eve.


Not long after, the duels between Class 2 and the Model Class were underway.

The order of each duel has also been decided.

The first combatant from both sides entered the arena bounded by white lines.

"Hn... Nice to meet you."

Gibul pushed his glasses up and stared at his opponent cautiously.


Zach did not even look at Gibul, and yawned.

It seems like Zach has no strength in his body.

"Go Gibul! You can do it!"

"You can do it! You have to win!"

The students of class 2 were cheering for Gibul.

"Hey, that double ponytail over there is very cute, right! Adorable!"

"No, I like the silver-haired one better! That is a good one! That one would be easy prey!"

"You’re not looking at the blonde one with big tits? Are you even men?"

"I prefer the blue-haired one. The girls are such high quality...!"

The Model Class didn’t care about the duels at all, but instead focused on such low-brow topics.

"...Hey, do you want to fight or not?"

Their attitude makes Gibul, who has high self-esteem, feel very uncomfortable.

"I don't know the strength of the students at Maxim's Magic Academy, but don't look down on us."

"Huh? Look down on you? Why? Do you think you can compare to us?"

Zach's words made Gibul frown.

"I said. We just want to help a bunch of weaklings wasting their efforts. Anyways, do whatever you want.”


It seems that there is no need to go easy on them. Just crush them with all his might.

Gibul used all he humanly could to control his anger and focused on the person in front of him.



Eve declared the start of the duel.

"——[Thunder Sprites]!"

Gibul made his move immediately.

He raised his left hand towards Zach and swiftly chanted the spell.

[Shock Bolt] has a quick chant rate and swift travel speed.

The lightning from the Black Magic [Shock Bolt] flew at Zach.

"Wow, so fast!"

"That fella Gibul has gotten better yet again!"

Kash and the others exclaimed——


But Zach predicted the trajectory, twisted his body, and dodged it——


Gibble adjusted his posture and used Rapid Fire.

Anticipating that it will be dodged, Gibul aims for the opening of Zach’s movement.


The unexpected and exquisite move made Zach's eyes widen——

"Crap——[Mist Dispersion]!"

Zach rolled and avoided the second spell, then used the defensive spell to cancel the third spell.


Gibul, who thought this trick would finish him, suddenly didn't know what to do next.

But at this moment, it was this moment of hesitation——

"[Thunder Sprites]——!"

Zach quickly chanted [Shock Bolt] and hit Gibul.



Lightning shocked Gibul.

He lost consciousness and fell.

"...Oh well, he was taught by that inept teacher anyways, so that’s all he was capable of.”

Zach didn't wait for Eve's decision as the referee, and turned and walked out of the arena.

Under the rules, [Shock Bolt] is equivalent to the military spell [Lightning Pierce] so Zach undeniably won.

"Pff... they are so bad!"

"Hahahahahaha, they are weaker than I expected!"

"But Zach, didn’t you get a little startled just now?"

"Hah? Stop kidding around, how could that be possible. Facing such small fry..."

The model students laughed, showing no respect for their opponents at all.

That's all……

"No way… that Gibul...?"

"He was overwhelmed...? This is a joke, right...?"

The second class’s atmosphere was like a funeral.

(Of course...)

Glenn regrettably gritted his teeth.

——Even if I don’t say anything, you get it right? That of course is——

——A total defeat.

——Now they have no chance of winning.

(Maxim Magic School... They only know magic as a simple weapon. They only thoroughly learn how to use weapons, so they are no different from the militia... This is different from the young ladies in the St. Lily Academy of Magic... This group of people is hard-core. My students who only learned from me that magic is "education", the "wisdom of life", never stood a chance in winning a simple one-on-one duel"...!)

Glenn endured the anger that swept through his heart and stared at Eve fiercely.

(Damn...what are you trying to do, Eve? You should know that this will be the result...! Are you trying to get your revenge on me!?)

Eve ignored Glenn's anger, and nonchalantly notified the next match.

"...Next group, come forward."

"Yea Yea……"

Because Gibul, one of the strongest students in the second class, was defeated without a fight, Rod, who is up this round, lost confidence.

"By the way, there are so many cute girls in that class! What if I looked too cool and they all fell for me? Which one should I pick?"

"Ahahahahahaha, look at that fellow Edo, he wants everybody on his plate!"

"You should be focusing on the duel, idiot!"

The Model Class played without a care in the world.

When the students from both sides entered the arena——


Eve announced the start of the duel with a flat tone.

...Let’s skip to the end.

It was a ruthless humiliation.

The strength of Model Class is overwhelming.

The class 2 students were all instantly defeated in the duels.

Just how big is the gap between them?

They are all the same age, so what was the deciding factor?

Class 2 realized just how naive they were.

After all, they persisted and survived the last battle against the golems, so obviously they developed some pride and confidence at the bottom of their hearts

"D-damn it! [Thunder Sprites]! [Thunder Sprites]!"

"Wow! That guy is strong! He’s not showing any openings."

Occasionally, there would be an intense match where the participants seem to be on par with each other... But the model student just deliberately prolonged the fight, when they could have ended the duel in an instant.

Every time, the Class 2 students’ struggle ends in vain, then they are met with ridicule from the Model Class.

That’s how every match went.

"...Both classes, the twentieth player. Enter the arena."

The last duel.

Sistine, whose beautiful face was wrinkled with anger, and Mabel, who seemed to be indifferent, confronted each other in the center of the duel field.

"Damn... Please Sistine... You must win this match...!"

"Avenge us...!"

Class 2 watched Sistine with hope.

"Hey, Mabel, she is pretty cute, so can you not hurt her?"

The Model Class led by Zach was still the same.

"Oh yeah, how strong is Mabel?"

"Who knows? I don't remember..."

"Hmm, that’s odd. Didn't we get trained together by Teacher Maxim?"

"That's right. I don't know why I can't remember her strength though..."

"Well, she will definitely win anyway. How can the students taught by teacher Maxim lose?"

Sistine listened——

"...You guys are the worst."

Sistine turned and sternly said to Mabel.

"Indeed, you all are really strong, but you don't understand what it means to have great power... you are like a group of little kids who bully the weak for fun, you don't deserve to be called magicians."

Mabel was speechless.

Sistine declared resolutely.

"... I won't lose, I won't lose to you… I can’t lose..."


"Does this academy teach students to boast before a match? The words that should come out of a magician’s mouth who is about to fight are spells, right?"

Mabel accepted Sistina's anger with a bland expression, and pushed her glasses up.

Class 2 watched with worried faces.

The Model Class watched with grinning faces.

At last——


At that moment.

"[Great Wind]!"

"[Great Wind]!"

The two started almost at the same time, using the Black Magic [Gale Blow].

Violent whirlwinds blustered, and collided. The gusts dissipated in every direction.



The students on both sides shrieked and shuddered from the untenable wind.

"[Thunder Sprites]——[Zwei]——[Drei]——!"

"[Mist Dispersion]——[Again]——[Again]——!"

Immediately afterward, Sistine Rapid Fired three shots of [Shock Bolt],

Then Mabel calmly dissipated them with Rapid Fire [Tri Vanish].

(No way...she, she is so strong...!)

Sistine realized Mabel’s strength.

Mabel is in another dimension when compared to the rest of the Model Class.

Then Mabel seized the deadly gap between Sistine’s momentary Mana Biorhythm——

"[Roar Into the Void ・and Reverberate・Howl Wind Sprites>!"

——and calmly chanted the Black Magic [Stun Ball].

The compressed air bomb bullet shot towards Sistine.

The shock waves and sound waves produced by the air bullet will render Sistine unconscious.

But just before that.


She used the recently learned White Magic [Rhythm Cancel]. Although it has a heavy load and can only be used a few times a day, it is a trump card to reset her Mana Biorhythm.

"[Gale Wind]!"

In the next moment, Sistine, wrapped in a gust of wind, had already left the explosion and shock wave of the air bullet behind her.

Sistine flew around Mabel and landed behind her using Black Magic [Rapid Stream].

"[Crimson Lotus Field]!"

While still in motion, Sistine quickly chanted the Black Magic [Fire Wall]

The wall of flames expanded and threaten to blow Mabel away from behind——

"——[Barrier of Light]"

Mabel chanted [Force·Shield]

The wall of light spreading behind Mabel blocked Sistine's spell.



Then they released various chants.

This advanced combat is beyond a simple duel between students.

"Woah! Go Sistine!”

"Do your best!"

The students in Class 2 are desperately cheering for Sistine’s strenuous battle…

"Hmm... It seems that there are some better students on the other side..."

"Well, yeah... Although it's nothing remarkable..."

Sistine's strength left the Model Class speechless, but they are pretending to be calm.

"By the way... was Mabel always this strong...?"

"Hmm... I just can’t recall how strong she was..."

"Mabel should be our classmate, right? Hmm? Why can't I remember her strength?"

"Besides, when did Mabel join our class?"

The Model Class is clouded in confusion.

(...Kuu!? This person... is way too strong...!)

Sistine grinds her teeth as she releases barrages of spells.

The accelerating and heated combat has rendered Sistine unable to think clearly.

She just continued to chant spells via the intuition she has honed thus far.

Dispel the lightning, use barriers to block the heat waves—sometimes move her body to avoid attacks—and then release a gale counter-attack.

A pure magical duel between magicians of equal strength is, in essence, a competition to destroy the opponent's mana biorhythm.

The one who can instantly formulate a plan that breaks the opponent's biorhythm and executes it without hesitation and fear is the winner.


(It’s impossible… her mana biorhythm… is not affected at all...!?)

Mabel has shot [Stun Ball]s for an unknown number of times——

——And Sistine uses [Rapid·Stream] to keep running away, away, and away…

The violent consumption of mana started to make Sistine run out of breath.

(...I can't lose… I can't lose...! How can I lose to these people...!)

Sistine released countless dark spheres [Magic Bullet] as a cover to force Mabel back.

The fierce struggle made Sistine more and more anxious.

Her nerves are shot.

(They insulted us... insulted Teacher...! They said that Teacher's education is meaningless... they said that Teacher is incompetent... I can't lose, I cannot lose...!)

Mabel used [Fire Arrow]. A few small fire arrows flew towards Sistine.

Sistine immediately deployed [Air Screen] and blocked the fire arrows.

(My defeat will mean what they said was right...!)

Chanting the Black Magic [White Out].

A white blizzard rolls up and blinds both of them.

Did she win?

At the moment before the field was covered, Sistine saw Mabel defending with [Tri Resist].

(I won't… I can't tolerate someone insulting the teacher's teaching...So, I can't lose...I cannot lose...!)

Driven by desperation, Sistine desperately altered and adapted her spells.

Before the blinding blizzard subsided——

"[Keep Them at Bay・Wall of Tempest・and grant peace to those below]"

Sistine preemptively chanted the altered Black Magic [Storm·Wall]

This is the spell invented by Sistina during her first improvisation.

This symbolizes Glenn's teachings.


The fierce wind wall entangled Maybel on the opposite side, restricting her movement.


Sistine took this opportunity to chant one last [Rhythm Cancel].

“This is the end! [Great Wind]!"

Then she chanted [Gale Blow] as a fatal blow.

Maybel has no time to cast a counterspell this time!

At the moment Sistina was convinced that she had won——

——but the storm that should have hit Mabel directly passed through nothing.


Sistine was dumbfounded.

Mabel's figure began to flicker… and disappeared, like a reflection on a lake.

" [Illusion Image]!?"

Just now, Sistine attacked the illusion created by Mabel through light manipulations.

(Could it be... when [White Out] was blocking my view...!?)

Sistine hurriedly searched for Mabel's figure.


Sistine could feel a hand touching her back.


Mabel stood behind her with her left hand on Sistine.

Sistine was stiff from the shock.

Class 2 students’ faces distorted in defeat.

"...That was close."

Mabel did not boast of her victory, but said flatly to the stunned Sistine.

"But… aren’t you worrying about other things a little too much?"


"Your attention is not on the enemy in front of you. That’s how I tricked you."

Mabel didn’t finish off Sistine.

Mabel just patted Sistine’s back.

It is an indisputable defeat.

"……I lost."

After a while, Sistine, who was standing silently, squeezed these words out.

"That’s it."

Eve declared the end of the competition plainly.

Mabel put down her hand, turned around, and walked away from the cheering vulgar Model Class and arena.

The lead-heavy air hung over the heads of the defeated Class 2.


(Seriously, what were you thinking, Eve!?)

Glenn couldn’t hide his frustration and anger with Eve in front of the depressed Class 2.

Some students have tears in their eyes because of the humiliation.

Eve was indifferent, and calmly wrote things in her notebook.

(These guys must be in shock right now...)

Glenn glanced at Sistine.

Sistine sat on the ground with her knees in her arms... Rumia and Re=L were trying to comfort her by saying something.

After all, everyone has their idea of self-efficacy.

But this kind of “overconfidence” is left unnoticed no matter how much it was pointed out, because they survived Fejite’s Worst 3 Days.

But now, their half-hearted self-confidence was completely shattered.

Glenn wanted to comfort them... but didn't know what to say. Words just couldn’t come out.

(...Ah, and I’m in shock too...)

Magic is a tool for murder.

Although Glenn always insisted that, he still taught his students that magic is the wisdom and knowledge that can open up their destiny... This is probably because he still wants to believe that "magic is not only a tool for murder."

That's why he has been repeating this contradictory behavior, teaching students magic while insulting magic.

However, he lost.

He lost to the students who were trained under the doctrine that "magic is just a tool for murder".

Of course, he also understood that it will take a long time to transform magic into a kind of "wisdom"... the students are still very young.

Magic is not so superficial for a young student to fully comprehend it.

(I feel awful. I'm so sorry. I’m too weak...)

Glenn unwillingly clenched his fist and looked down… then——

"Hey stop it!"

"What? I’m not doing anything! Haha”

——Came the frivolous voice of a boy and the screams of a girl.

As Glenn looked up,

"Don't touch me! You asshole!"

Zach and his ruffian followers were pestering Wendy.

"Don't be so stubborn, little cutie. What do you think of me? Huh? Wasn’t I cool? Are you in love already? How about tea with all of us now?"

Zach grabbed the disgusted Wendy's hand.

His followers gazed at Wendy with nasty eyes.

"Let go, let me go! Don't!"

Wendy was trembling as opponents they couldn’t defeat surrounded her.

"You guys! What are you doing to Wendy!"

Teresa tried to help, but,

"Oh, you also are a great beauty!"

"That figure is superb! Hey, do you also want to have fun together?"

Teresa was blocked by the followers, and grabbed her hand, making her unable to move.

This group of people has just proved their overwhelming strength.

The Class 2 students could only silently stand aside.

"Hey! What are you doing! Let them go!"

"... Enough."

Only Kash and Gibul rushed forward to break them up... From the look of their expressions, they were prepared for death. After all, if it developed into a brawl, they would lose.

"Huh? Why... the weak should stop resisting!"

"Would you like another round? Want me to beat you up again? Huh?"

Zach and the others, who view Class 2 as outclassed, smirked at Kash and the others.


Beads of sweat rolled down Kash and Gibul’s foreheads.

All they could do is back off.

"Hah, coward"

Zach mocked.

"How would a sheltered child like you all beat us?"

"The small fish should take a break. We're going to be busy seducing girls now. I will make her mine..."

"Hey, scram."

So far, Glenn has only regarded them as undisciplined children, so he overlooked their despicable words and deeds...but he could not stand his students being bullied.

(I can’t deal with it anymore! Time for you to learn true magic combat (physics)!)

Glenn, with bulging veins on his temples, grabbed The Fool’s arcana already prepared for a pay cut.

Just when he wanted to intervene——

"That’s enough."

Eve cut in before him.

"I am in charge of the training. I am very grateful to you for helping us, but I can't allow you to do whatever you wish."


"Break it up. Take your leaves quickly, don't do anything extra."

Then, Zach and his band of cohorts looked at each other... and said with a smirk.

"Uh, you should be Teacher Eve, right?"

"…What about it?"

"Ahaha, no, no, no, I'm just thinking… that the teacher is underestimating us."

Eve squinted her cold eyes a little.

Zach's subsequent cynicism froze Class 2 in place.

"Do you think I don't know? I heard from Teacher Maxim...You are Eve Ignite of the Imperial Army... but now use your mother's last name Distorre?"

"Anyway, you were injured in the previous riots and lost the magic power of your left hand, right?"

"Then, you were expelled from the House of Ignite, and you were demoted from Centurion to Junior Knight… right!"

Their mocking gazes mercilessly pierced Eve.

"Huh...? Teacher Eve's left hand...?"

"Lost… her magic ability...?"

Meanwhile, Kash and Wendy stared at Eve in shock.

The left hand, which is closer to the heart, is the hand that can exert more of a magician's power.

Losing the magic ability of the left hand means death for a magician.

"Just because you are an instructor, I advise you not to use your identity against us."

"Yeah, you should understand that ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ right"

If Eve lost the magic ability of her left hand, does it mean that she can't even beat the monsters of the Model Class?

The expressions of the students in Class 2 were full of anxiety and despair.

They looked at Glenn for help, hoping that Glenn would save her.



Glenn's anger dissipated inexplicably and sighed.

"Hey, Glenn. Those people… stupid?"

"... I guess."

Glenn responded to Re=L who had her eyes half closed.

Glenn’s reaction surprised the students.

"...Huh? That’s it."

Eve responded.

"You guys… whatever."

Eve turned her back to them... strode to the center of the duel field and declared back to them.

"I, as an instructor,... would prefer it if you didn’t look down on me. I'll spar with you... Ahh, I can’t be bothered to be polite. I will ‘crush’ you."


"You don’t think that’s fair? Then, I shall lower the difficulty. I will only use Shock Bolt. Come and get it."


What is this woman talking about? She can't use magic with her left hand.

Model Class wore this question on their faces.

"Hey, Zack, what should we do? Isn’t that imbecile acting out of line?"

"Well, shouldn’t it be fine? If we teach the instructors here a lesson, everything else will go smoothly later."

"Okay! Who is going, then?"

"Let’s decide with rock-paper-scissors... Rock-paper-scissors——"

——They started clamoring like a disorganized band of rascals.


Several beams of purple electricity cut through the air and accurately brushed over the heads of Zach and the others.

"You all are really cheeky."

Turning around——

——Eve lazily raised her right hand towards Zack and the others.

"Come at me all at once. The result is the same anyway."

Eve's appearance… has not changed.

Apathetic, impatient, listless… she just looks weak.

But, for some reason… something is wrong.

Her presence is towering.

Even confronting their teacher Maxim has never given off such an aura.

"Hmm… Don’t regret that decision, okay?"

(It’s nothing. It’s just an illusion. We are stronger.)

How could we lose to that kind of lackluster, demoted, and relegated grunt?

Zach and company persuaded themselves, and scattered and surrounded Eve.



Eve slowly closed her eyes and declared.

"Go to hell!"

Zach and the others chanted the spell together–

"[Thunder Sprites]!"

"[Red Lotus——]!"

However, Eve was faster than everyone else——

“[Thunder Sprites]・[Dance]''

She activated five [Shock・Bolt] shots in an instant.

Five rounds of purple lightning knocked down five Model Class students at the same time.


Then, Eve jumped backward.

The [Stun Ball] released by a Model Class student hit the spot where she was just standing.

Dirt kicked up from the ground and covered the field.

The sand and dust robbed everyone of their vision.

"Hey! What are you doing! GYAHHHHHHH!?"

"Wh-where did she go?! I can’t see! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The Model Class panicked as they were blinded.

One by one, they were knocked out by the purple electricity that kept flying through the smoke and dust.

"Damn it!? Why? she should be blinded too! Why is she so accurate!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Help me! YAHHHHH!"

As stated earlier, Eve did not use magic other than Shock Bolt.

However, such a one-sided slaughter stunned Class 2.

"Damn it! Someone blow the dust away!"

"[Great Wind]!"

A Model student launched a [Gale Blow] toward the faintly visible red hair in the dust——

However, Eve was no longer there—

"Hey, don’t shoot at me!"

The hammer of wind accidentally blew away three Model Class students on the other side of the dust cloud.

The sand and dust were also blown away.

"Where did that spinster go...!?"

"I can’t find her, what is this bullshit?"

"Who are you calling a spinster?"

A shout came from above.

“[Thunder Sprites]——[Dance]!”

Eve, who jumped high in the air, cast spells without mercy.

In an instant, countless purple lightning poured down onto the heads of the Model Class like rain.



Eve landed on the ground lightly.

Then slowly opened her eyes——

The arena was littered with bodies.

No one else was on their feet.

"Ah, pardon me. Although I’m not as good as Albert, I am quite good at rapid firing."

Of course, no one could respond to her.

Eve lost her interest, left the arena, and walked in front of Class 2.

Class 2 stared at the apathetic Eve, speechless.

The students only knew the Eve who was in a terrible physical and mental state after being defeated by Jatice.

They only knew that weakened Eve, struggling to defeat a pawn golem.

Therefore, the woman in front of them is shockingly a completely different person.

"Well… How was it?”

In response to Eve’s abrupt question——

"Uhh, umm… Miss Eve, that was amazing..."

"Strong, incredibly so..."

"So this is the strength of an Imperial Soldier..."

Kash, Gibul, and Wendy praised Eve…

"... Huh, no I'm not asking about how I did."

Eve frowned.

"You guys, you guys. I'm asking you how you feel after fighting those guys."

The students in Class 2 looked at each other… then after a while-——

"...To be honest... I don’t think we can win."

Kash reluctantly spoke what everyone thought.

"The gap is just too big… so that’s how Maxim Magic school is..."

"Ah, damn... we were so reckless... thinking about sparing with them..."

"What on earth will we… at this academy..."

"Teacher Glenn… sorry… With our abilities… it’s..."

Everyone voiced their regret and anxiety.

The air is heavy as lead…

"Really? That’s odd."

Eve brushed her hair aside and remarked.

"In my eyes, there is no difference in magic ability between them and you."

"... Ehh?"

Not understanding Eve, the students gazed at her in surprise.

"Why do you think so? How do we not have a difference between our abilities?"

Gibul questioned Eve furiously, taking the opinion as an attempt to comfort them.

"No matter how you look at it, we were all beaten up."

"You are too fixated on the ‘total defeat’”

Eve glanced at Gibul.

"Think about how you lost. You lost because your magical ability is worse than theirs? Really?"

"Isn’t that obvious——"

Gibul did not hesitate to refute Eve.

"...Ah no, wait a minute..."

But immediately closed his mouth as he noticed something.

Silence spread through Class 2.

That's right. There is no difference between the spells used by the two parties. Single-line chants, Rapid Fire...There is no obvious disadvantage in magical abilities.

Rather, because of Glenn's teachings, they can also improvise spells, so they are stronger than the Model Class in terms of magic ability.

However, why was there such a difference in strength?

"Figured it out?”

Eve spoke at the perfect time, after giving the students enough time to think.

"That's right... the magic abilities for both of you... there is not much difference between the number and strength of the cards in your hands."


"What was the deciding factor? That is——the speed you dealt your cards. Your failure was your slow judgment, deciding your next move and whether it will work or not."

Gibul's eyes widened slightly.

"That's right... I was at a loss on what to do next… so that's why..."

"Me, me too… I didn't know what to do next..."

The students had an epiphany.

"Listen up. The people at Maxim’s Magic School value combat strength and practicality. Therefore, they will quickly collect a few usable ‘cards’ and repeatedly practice how to use them. Obviously, after they train the same tricks over and over, they will be more decisive in their judgment.”


"And what about you guys who received Glenn’s education? You worked hard and kept increasing your usable hands. Understand? They only make good use of a few hands, but you have many more cards. That's the difference between you and them."

Eve's sharp speech stirred up the students, and expressions of shock appeared on the students’ faces.


"...But what about it?"

Gibul is still not convinced.

"They are so much stronger than us. There is no doubt and no way to change that. No matter how you comfort us——"

"... I didn't comfort you, 4 eyes. Do you not understand yet?"

"…4 eyes…!"

Being called a weird nickname, Gibul blinked dumbfounded.

Eve continued regardless.

"I saw it with my own eyes. I can guarantee you that their strength has plateaued. As long as Maxim is still teaching them, then they won't grow anymore. They did not live up to their reputation."


"On the contrary, you still have a lot of room for growth. You can even completely leave them behind.”

What is she talking about?

Is that a lie?

Will we be better than them?

Everyone had this question.

"Uhh, about Mabel... She's a bit special, so I won't mention her. She is so strong that I wonder if she is a student of Maxim. In short, no one can compete with her except Sistine. As for the other students... Basically, they have only received combat training. Regarding magic, they have a very fragile foundation. They will not be able to add any new techniques as they currently are, but you all are different."

Eve retrieved a document from her coat.

No idea where she got it from, but it is Glenn's curriculum and the transcript of the whole class.

"Unlike Maxim’s students, Glenn has built a very solid and broad foundation for you. There’s a wide variety of magical education, basics, and techniques... With such a foundation, you can build upon it as much as you want."


"...You will have to thank Glenn. It’s relatively easy to build on the basics that Glenn has taught, but it is very difficult to consolidate it. What I mean to say is, you won’t notice an obvious ‘growth’ while Glenn is teaching the basics, so it won’t feel like you are getting stronger. Thus far, you have only had Glenn as your teacher. Since Glenn has been busy laying down the foundation for you, he has not had time to build any particular aspect further."


"In short, to cope with the survival battle… I will build on what Glenn has taught. I will be responsible for the areas that Glenn can't take care of alone. After all, the foundation is already laid. In two weeks you will think you are somebody else.''


"If you don't want me, an unreliable and demoted soldier, to intervene, then I would..."

Eve turned her face to the side, and finished with these self-deprecating words.

However, after the students looked at each other…

""""Please take care of us!""""

Then bowed their heads all at once.


The students' screams made Eve blink several times.

"Miss Eve! No, Professor Eve! Please train us mercilessly!"

"With Teacher Glenn and Professor Eve here, we would be a hundred folds stronger!"

“We can't keep losing like this!"

The students rushed over…

"Ahhhh! I get it! I understand! Don't get too excited, it's annoying!"

Eve was tired of the students.

Sistine watched the students and Eve. Sistine recovered from her post-defeat depression.

"Miss Eve... is a wonderful person..."

"Sisti? Are you alright?"

"...Sorry, I made you worry."

She smiled at Lumia who was worried and stood up.

"Yes, I still have a long way to go… I'm still far behind Miss Eve and the others… I have to work harder! Just because of a single defeat, I won’t be——!"

"Hehe, that’s the Sisti I know."

"Mmm. yeah."

Re=L and Rumia looked at her relieved.

In this way, the tumultuous first day of special training is over.

Eve stared blankly at the back of the students who had returned to the dormitory enthusiastically.


Glenn talked to her from behind.

"What? Are you here to complain?"

"... What? No, that’s stupid."

Glenn replied.

"Regarding the education policy… it's exactly as you said. They are better than I thought… I really can't teach them anymore. Recently, I often feel guilty. If I were more capable, they would grow faster..."


"So, uhh... Since you are willing to help... That, uh... it will be a great help... Uh, I... I just... want to say thank you... for now."


Eve turned away and snorted.

But there was a blush on her cheeks.

"and, uhhh..."

Glenn continued, trying to cover up the awkwardness between them

"...Are you really Eve?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

“The Eve I know and you are completely different.”

“Hah? What?”

Veins were popping on her temple.

"Uh no, I think it’s weird! That woman named Eve Ignite should be more cold-blooded, hateful, annoying, hateful, unmarried, hateful, treats people like pawns, hateful, says hateful things every time I meet her, hateful... uh... in short, a very hateful person!"

Glenn suddenly raised his finger at the tip of Eve's nose.

"But why!? Why did you suddenly become a gentle and considerate ‘big sister’!? Isn’t this way too strange!? And you would actually agree with me!? This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!!"


Eve's shoulders trembled with anger, and her cheeks flushed with rage.

"You should be a fake Eve, right!? Are you being controlled!? Or are you someone who pretends to be her!? Are you a Copy Doll!? Huh, where is the zipper!? Where is the switch!? Hurry up and show yourself!!"

Thus, Glenn grabbed Eve’s shoulders, hips, legs, and all the other parts of her body, as if he was seriously looking for some mechanism…

Then Glenn grabbed her cheeks with both hands and pulled on them.




The huge flame set off by Eve blasted Glenn into the sky.

"Guahh!? What do you think you’re doing!"

"I can say the same for you. What in the world do you think of me!?"

"Huh! Think about how you acted before! You’re a different person!"

"What does it matter to you!? You tumor!"

"What!? You cold-blooded hysterical girl!"

"I haven’t liked you since the army!"

"That’s my line!"

Glenn and Eve were childishly bickering, knocked their foreheads on each other, and stared at each other whilst grinding their teeth…

It’s a quarrel.

No matter how you look at it, it's a fight between two people with a bad relationship.


"What? I thought you were better now! But it turns out you are still an asshole!"

"Ha! Whenever I try to look at you in a different light, you will forever be unwanted!"

(... Oh no... not good...)

The quarreling gave Sistine a horrible premonition.

Although this premonition would not be fulfilled right away…

But Eve will become a powerful enemy in the future——

(——Al-although I don’t know what sort of enemy! And I don’t know what I am talking about!)

This strange feeling writhed Sistine in frustration.

"Hey, Sisti..."

Rumia laughed meaningfully.

"Shall we temporarily form an alliance?"

"HAAAAHHHHHH!? What do you mean!? I don’t get what you are saying!?”

"With our pace… I don’t think we will ever catch up..."

"Yy-yyy-yy-y-you, I don’t know what you're talking about?"

"I don’t mean to disturb Miss Eve... but at least we should be a bit more aggressive?... You know?... We’re in a pinch..."

"Ru~mi~a!? I think you are acting strange after the last incident!"

"Yes, I have indeed changed… because I don't want to leave any regrets."

Rumia smiled calmly with a quiet determination.

"EHHHHH!? I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't know what you are talking about!!!"

Sistine fell into inexplicable panic.

Eve and Glenn are still quarreling fiercely on their own.

"...recently… everybody… are acting weird…"

Re=L senses that the girls around her are changing.

"...Glenn? What is happening to Glenn?"

Re=L glanced at Glenn and then back at the girls, and blankly fell into thought.


Comments from the Team

From UrsaTL,

We are alive, though we have been very busy. Thanks for being patient.

Enjoy the translations

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