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Bastard Instructor Vol 11 Chapter 2

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 11 Chapter 2

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Executive Editor

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


Chapter 2: The Fallen [Magician]

North of the academy city Fejite, by the distance of a four-day stagecoach, or two days if you take a fast horse, is the imperial capital Orlando, the largest city in the empire. This walled city is the capital of the Alzano Empire.

*Editor note: Probably around 100 Miles or 160 Kilometers away.*

In the center of the imperial capital is the castle of Her Majesty the Queen, and the imperial political center of Alzano——the Fel-Dorado Palace.

At this moment, the empire's de facto supreme government affairs decision-making body, the "Round Table", is having a meeting in a certain room of the palace.

The current Queen Alicia VII and twelve members who have pledged allegiance to the royal family sat around a Round Table in the center of the room, enthusiastically discussing national affairs.

All of the people present are important figures in the military, political, and financial circles supporting the empire. Everyone is a veteran who has overcome various turmoils from decades of experience.

"——The above is the result of the information blockade in regards to the former Princess Elumiana."

"Thank you for your hard work."

Alicia VII responded flatly.

"The identity of the supernatural person has been exposed... but the fact that she has the blood of the royal family is known only to a small number of trustworthy people. This is also a blessing in misfortune, right?"


"Next, we need to strengthen the control of information and firmly lock Elumiana in the Academy. She can be used as bait to lure out the organization. It is more beneficial to the country to allow her to live than to execute her. But, if her identity is exposed... you know what to do, right?"

The cold eyes and words of Alicia VII made the members of the Round Table shudder.

(Her Majesty……)

An old gentleman wearing a monocle, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Queen's Office, Marquis Graz Le Edward, felt the pain in Alicia who had to say this, and couldn't help frowning.

"Then, next topic"


A red-haired man in a military uniform stood up.

He is a man of great presence, intimidation, and dignity among the fierce crowd.

Unfaltering stern expressions, clear scars on his face, numerous medals on his chest--these are all proof that he has experienced countless battlefields.

"My bill, as the information in your hands say, is——"

“Sir Ignite… Are you insisting on an expansion of the military budget for yet another arms race?”

Suddenly, Sir Edward threw the papers on the table as if he was fed up.

"The military expenditure has exhausted the national treasury, don't you understand this!?"

However, the man——the Minister of the Imperial Army and the Head of the Joint Chief of Staff of the Imperial Armed Forces, Duke Azel Le Ignite, responded sternly.

"The one who fails to understand is you, Sir Edward. It seems that the Ward Golden Lion is far past his prime.”

"You, what did you say!? Do you dare say it again, kid!?"

"Let's take a good look at the current international situation. Take a closer look at the grievances between the Alzano Empire and that abominable Rezalia Kingdom."

The Alzano Empire, and the neighboring Rezalia Kingdom.

They are the two major countries that are competing for hegemony of the North Selford continent.

Although the territory of the Alzano Empire is small, the advanced civilization with excellent magic and industrial technology supports the country, and with a leader (queen) beloved by the entire people, they are united as one.

The Kingdom of Rezalia has a massive territory. The kingdom’s primary source of wealth is in its vast amount of land. Through religious conquest, the kingdom annexes various tribes and smaller states under the banner of the Church of St. Elizares, and rules them as a totalitarian theocracy.

The governments of these two countries have now reached a state of complete antagonism.

"Have you forgotten? The ancestors of the Alzano royal family and the Rezalia royal family were originally a single family. Therefore, the empire and the kingdom are always in conflict over the sovereignty of each other’s nations. Moreover, the pope of the St. Elizares Church, which virtually controls the Kingdom of Rezalia, has deemed our protestant state Church as heretical. The protestant church legitimizes the Alzano royal family, so the relationship between these two churches could not be worse..."

The protestant church and the St. Elizares Church diverged from the "Elizares Church".

One is the protestant Baldia sect, and the other is the orthodox Canon sect that emphasizes ritual and worship (liturgy).

The former is the Church of the Alzano Empire, and the latter is the St. Elizares Church.

Roughly speaking, the former’s stance is that as long as you believe in God and believe in religious scriptures, that’s all that matters, and the rules are loose enough that it can coexist with other sects. The latter emphasizes absolute obedience to the religious scriptures, and encourages violence to eliminate other religions.

"The Rezalia Kingdom has a history of annexing various small nations and ethnic groups through religious wars, growing massively. The multi-ethnic and multi-cultural people are barely held together by a thread of faith. In fact, the kingdom exists in name only, in reality it is a religious state under the St. Elizares Church.”

"Everyone here knows that! But what does it have to do with the expansion of military expenditure——"

"The church’s control over the people is about to collapse——is that what you wanted to say?"

Hearing Alicia’s plain statement of fact, Sir Ignite continued——

"Your Majesty is wise. The days of totalitarian theocracy are over. This year, dissatisfaction erupted within the Rezalia Kingdom from the originally motley people. After all, they were brought together by force. The royal family of the Rezalia Kingdom's authority has finally fallen, and the kingdom is in the immediate threat of a schism. However, even though the Gods War was forty years ago, the church's ambitions remain."

{TN: Gods War is different from the Magic War for those who may have forgotten. The Gods War was a religion-influenced battle between Alzano and Rezalia--40 years before the story. The Magic War was fought against the Evil Gods from the Outer Universe, 200 years before the story, by Celica and the other 6 heroes}

Sir Ignite glanced at the other members of the Round Table——

"...Now that I have said this, I believe you all should understand?"

"I see. To unite the disparate people, there must be an enemy... The best option is an enemy with a valid reason to engage, weaker, and with a probable victory. Haha... the church gang is eyeing our country again?"

A fancily-dressed old man, the leader of the long established Mafia in the empire, "West Mahado Company", the current head of the Luciano family, Knight Abraham Luciano, joked.

"That's right, Sir Luciano. Rulership over the empire, heresy… they have "justified reasons". The seaborne trade route with the western Mahado continent, from the perspective of capturing this trade route, the economic and strategic significance of annexing our country is colossal. They have carried out a thorough anti-Alzano education to the people. Needing to incite war and to receive the brunt of the people’s displeasure——our country is the most suitable target. The high-pressure policies against the empire in recent years also illustrate this... Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

"...It is as Sir Ignite says."

Queen Alicia said quietly with a mysterious expression.

"In recent years, the Rezalia Kingdom has adopted a blatant armed diplomatic strategy. Right now, we are secretly cooperating with the leaders of the moderate party on the kingdom side... But unfortunately, the chances of a second Gods War is rising every year.”

The wise judgement of Her Majesty the Queen made the members of the Round Table unable to sit still.

"Hmm, you all heard that? Her Majesty’s opinion. Therefore, we must be prepared for an emergency."

"B-but——! Your Budan-ha* faction has been getting carried away lately!"

Sir Edward is still after him.

"Sir Ignite... the Budan-ha headed by you have been on a rampage. I also heard that your little sympathiser in the Ministry of Education went out of control and forcibly enacted militarian policy and reforms; and that supremacist you sent to Alzano Imperial Magic Academy to be the headmaster! This is all your——"


"I support Sir Ignite's judgment."

"I agree. As Sir Ignite said, we must be prepared to defend against neighboring countries."

"Also, our country does need education reform. But, this reform is a little forceful."

Members who have only recently joined the Round Table have expressed their support for Sir Ignite. The number of people being exactly half of the Round Table.

There are various factions in the imperial government. They can be roughly divided into the "Budan-ha Faction" headed by the Imperial Army and the hardliners, and the "Bunchi-ha* Faction" headed by the Ministry of Magic and the moderate party.

The purpose of the Budan-ha is clear.

Further advancing the policy of prospering the country through strengthening the army——even going to war with the Kingdom of Rezalia and annexing the Kingdom of Rezalia——adapting the educational policy of the Magic Academy can be said to be the first step.

"You, do you not understand!? Further military spending will only lead to an economic collapse! The Alzano Empire Magic Academy was founded by Alicia III, the great thirteenth queen, and our nation’s pride. The world famous traditional school——''

Edward firmly opposed——

"...Enough. About this, let's see what Sir Ignite has in mind first."

Alicia VII sighed helplessly.

"Your Majesty...!? But, if this continues..."

"This is a very critical time. It is not a time for the Budan-ha and the Bunchi-ha to fight each other. And... that Alicia III, the wisest queen, will certainly tolerate us changing the academy's educational policy when the country is at stake... "


Alicia VII's judgment and decision painfully shuts Sir Edward.

Normally, the Queen will surely be able to use her excellent political means to pacify the Budan-ha headed by Ignite.

But currently, the queen is busy mediating with the Rezalia Kingdom, and has no time to manage the political faction struggle in the empire.

Sir Ignite also understands this, so he took this opportunity to propose a policy that is beneficial to him.

No one would ridicule the queen as incompetent or neglectful.

Because if it hadn't been for the queen's outstanding diplomatic skills, the Empire would have been at war with the Rezalia Kingdom already.

(That being said, why… why is it going in Ignite’s… why can the Budan-ha do whatever they want...!? This is just...)

Sir Edward is overwhelmed by his inability to reverse the situation.

"Ahahahahahahaha! As expected of Sir Ignite, very clever! In this case, little Alicia naturally can't ignore your proposal!"

Sir Luciano exclaimed happily.

"Sir Luciano, this is Her Majesty the Queen, mind your manners."

"Oh, excuse me excuse me. Although I have the title of nobleman, I am still a mafioso in essence. Please forgive my rudeness, Sir Edward."

Luciano made a perfunctory sentence, and then glanced at Alicia VII.


Alicia glanced at him speechlessly; Luciano smirked and turned to Sir Ignite——

"By the way, Sir Ignite, you have really been making contributions recently right? Fejite's three darkest days… At that time, you did not care about Fejite's situation, but instead mobilized your own men and captured the member of the Round Table who colluded with the "Radicals'' of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom… one of the three great dukes, Duke André Le Bartley, right?"

Sir Ignite stayed silent.

Sir Luciano continued.

"Although you took advantage of the situation to kill Duke Bartley, it still won't shake your achievements as the former ‘Lord Scarlet’, and the current Grand Marshal of the Imperial Army… Now you are a great hero of the empire."


"Then, Sir Bartley, originally the leader of the Bunchi-ha——legend has it that he still secretly runs an illegal organization called "Heaven’s Kreuz"——but the dead can't speak, so the truth is in the dark. The point is, the disgrace of Sir Bartley led to the chain reaction of his comrades being arrested. The Bunchi-ha had a swift decline and the Budan-ha came into power. The people who succeeded Sir Bartley and his comrades in the Round Table and parliament also happened to be Budan-ha… In short, they are all your lackeys."

"...What are you trying to say? Sir Luciano."

"This is a rather fortunate coincidence right? Old man, don’t you think so?"

Sir Luciano and Sir Ignite glared at each other with stern faces.

"How? How did you know that there was collusion between Bartley and the Researchers of Divine Wisdom? And it was during Fejite's darkest three days... In order to cheer up the people who were disturbed by the terrorist attacks, the imperial government had to publicize your heroic deeds. How did you manage to catch Bartley at such a wonderful time?"


Luciano's compelling question silenced the crowd.

"Hey, Sir Ignite."

Luciano asked suddenly.

"This old man here racked his Alzheimer’s brain——if the empire and the kingdom were to go to war, who will be the biggest beneficiary..."


"Think carefully, just who is it? By the way... The Duke of Ignite's family should be a distant relative of the royal family... a branch family so to speak?"

Luciano's remarks froze the atmosphere, and everyone trembled.

However, Ignite himself remained unmoved... and kept resolutely silent.

"Hey, Sir Ignite… you, don’t you have some interesting ambitions...?"

Luciano's eyes became extremely cold and sharp——at that moment.

"Enough, Sir Luciano"

Alicia VII sternly stopped him.

"Sir Ignite caught the traitor Bartley, and also caused great losses to the empire's enemy, the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. This is a great contribution to the empire. As the queen of the Alzano Empire, I won’t allow anyone to deny his credit based on speculation.”

"Oh, oh, sorry, little Alicia. This old man had become more and more suspicious recently… I will need to reflect..."

Ignoring Luciano, Alicia VII glanced at the attendees.

"Everyone, the following will be the most difficult period of the empire, including the international situation. At this time, we should unite and overcome difficulties together... This is for the future of all the people of the empire. Sir Bartley, who has served this nation, has betrayed it… Although this is unfortunate, it is a fact, and we can't stop because of this. Please help me for the future of the empire."

After speaking, Alicia lowered her head respectfully. The volatile atmosphere quelled instantly.

The queen’s devotion to the nation strengthened the attendees' loyalty, regardless whether they are a Budan-ha or Bunchi-ha.


(Hmm… Seems like it won’t be that easy.)

After the Round Table meeting ended safely.

Ignite was sitting in the carriage returning from the imperial capital to his home, thinking quietly.

(Luciano's remarks... I'm afraid Alicia VII ordered it in advance. While not reducing the Round Table's loyalty to the queen, at the same time warning me.)

If the queen personally jabs Sir Ignite, it would definitely attract backlash from the Budan-ha.

So she used a third party… Luciano. What a sly fox.

(Furthermore, that Luciano... he is by no means a puppet to be manipulated by the Queen. He is the kind of person who knows everything, but pretends to be ignorant and chooses to be deliberately manipulated... a tricky one to handle.)

Although he eliminated his biggest political adversary, Bartley... the officials who lead the empire should not be underestimated. If he is careless, he could be trounced and devoured.


(I will win. The Queen... the Round Table)

(It's not surprising they would be suspicious of me——this is to be expected.)

(I need to be more cautious... but no matter, everything is still under control.)

(I have a cause that I must fulfill as an Ignite. This country is heading down the path of ruin and cannot be saved by the timid Queen and the Round Table. The only ones that can save it are those with an iron fist and a willingness to shed blood... and that is me.)

Ignite put his hand into his pocket——and pulled out that thing.

(Now I need to lay low and accumulate strength... For this reason, I have succeeded Bartley for the control of “Heaven’s Kreuz”. The influence of my faction in the army has gradually grown. Absolutely spotless. I will not let anyone hinder me. All this is for Ignite...for the future of this empire...!)

In his hand——is a red key——


——After the chaotic assembly.

——In the backyard of the academy campus.

"Ah, the hell… why did it turn out like this..."

Glenn leaned back against the academy building wall, looked up at the sky, and sighed.

The sun is blocked so it is quite dim here. It is covered with moss everywhere, and is very humid.

This unpleasant environment is like a portrayal of Glenn's heart.

"Seriously? My students and Maxim Tirano’s students have to fight for everyone’s futures... It's a joke isn’t it…?"

Glenn meekly complained countless times about what had been decided.

"Huh... so you were here, Glenn."

A familiar voice jumped into his ear.


The moment he heard this sound, Glenn lifted his head as if he had been electrocuted, and looked in the direction of the sound.

A woman is standing at the corner of the wall.

She is wearing the academy’s lecturer uniform and is about the same age as himself.

Because of the shade, Glenn can’t see her face clearly, but——

"Look at the stupid thing you did, wouldn’t this be called ‘reaping what you sow’?"

He couldn't have misheard that cold, insulting voice.

She slowly walked towards Glenn.

"This is not like you. ‘Now that the matter is settled, I can only grit my teeth and fight like hell until the end,’ Right?"

As she approached, the effect of the shade gradually disappeared, and her noble appearance appeared in front of Glenn.

She is——

"Eve? Eve…!"

She is Eve——Glenn’s superior during his army days, the head of the Imperial Mage Corps Annex, operative No. 1 [The Magician], Eve Ignite.

"Why... why are you here!?"

Glenn yelled at her like staring at an enemy.

"You’re not trying to drag me into some weird trouble again are you!?"


Glenn, who took her silence as affirmation, grew more angry.

"No way... haven’t you had enough? I'm no longer a soldier, nor your subordinate... If you try to drag me into something else, I am going to lose it, okay!?"

For a while… the two of them stared at each other like mortal enemies.

At last——


Eve looked away.


Glenn was surprised.

After all, she is Eve.

Taunting her any more will receive a vicious reprimand.... Glenn was ready for it.

However, Eve seems to not have any vigor; she seems very tired.

This made Glenn somewhat discouraged.

"You're so dull. Don't you have any idea why I'm wearing this ...... Can't you use your brain?”

No matter how you look at it, she is wearing the clothes of a female lecturer.

"Hey...Where is your special forces uniform? Why are you wearing this?"

Eve sighed helplessly, drooping her shoulder slightly, and said.

"... You haven’t figured it out? I was fired"


"Don't make me repeat myself. I was dismissed from the post of the head of the special missions annex and stripped of my number——I have to be responsible for the gaffes in the previous battle."


"By the way, I was also expelled from House Ignite, and now I… am just Eve."

"HAAAA!! Seriously?”

Glenn's eyes widened in surprise.


Eve looked up at the sky——recalling what happened last week.




The slap in the face echoed in the office.

Eve silently accepted it.


A scorching pain came from her face. She desperately maintained her hazy consciousness from the mild concussion——and looked in front of her.

"The failure of the Fejite mayhem… I’m disappointed in you, Eve."

Her biological father, Azel Le Ignite, stood in front of her... Ignite stared at Eve with extremely ruthless and despising eyes.

"Although you bleed that inferior red blood, you still have my blue blood in your veins… so I have taken good care of you thus far. But this time I was exceptionally let down."

"Yes... I'm sorry... Father..."

Ignite walked slowly to Eve, who was beginning to apologize, and then grabbed her shirt.

"Uuu… ah..."

Eve couldn't resist, so she could only twist her face in agony at her father’s mercy.

"I gave you the necessary information and allowed you to use the secret [Flame Eye] from the Ignite family, but it turned out like this?"

"Ah… but … I-, I followed my father's instructions… I didn't tell the information to the members of the Special Missions Annex... Therefore, we... intervened too late..."

"What did you say?"

The corner of Ignite's eyebrows suddenly rose.

"The Special Missions Annex… Everyone is excellent… So I think… We must… Cooperate with them...!"

"You brat, if you don’t understand anything then don’t speak!"

Ignite gripped Eve's shirt tighter, and Eve's body, which was about to hang in the air, began to tremble slightly.

Her airway was blocked and she started to suffocate.

"...orr, a...!?"

"You don’t understand why Ignite is Ignite. The Ignite family has been the pillar of magical strength that served the royal family since ancient times. Its status, reputation, glory, and power must always stand at the summit of mages… This is Ignite. The use of excellent subordinates to better accomplish assignments? Of course! But this can be achieved even without Ignite. As the pillar of magical strength, in order to maintain the Ignite family’s status in the country, you must not think about relying on others! Ignite must always be the hero. Therefore, on that grand stage, you need to show Ignite’s existence, excellence, and prestige. It must seem indomitable”

Ignite threw Eve away.

Eve fell to the ground and began to gasp——her now unrestricted airway was desperate for air.

"Cough… cough cough...!"

"And what did you do? You wasted the perfect opportunity in order to save a plebeian? And then you lost to that abominable [Justice]?... You are the shame of the Ignite family!"

Ignite looked down at Eve with a sincerely disappointed expression.

What he said was very excessive, unreasonable, and very odd——Eve felt.

Such words are undoubtedly an attempt to make things difficult, and abuse her due to her civilian blood. But if this was pointed out, he would erupt again.

If... the head of the Special Missions Annex was not Eve, but her sister Lydia... If it was not Eve who is mixed with inferior plebeian blood, but the legitimate daughter… then she probably would not be subjected to such cruel treatment.

But even in the face of such cruel treatment——

"I'm very sorry...Father..."

For some reason, Eve just couldn't resist her father.

This has been the case since childhood. She just could not resist her father.

For Eve, her father is an absolute existence, terror itself. From a young age,whenever her opinions are contrary to her father’s, she gets an unsettling feeling, and can't breathe.

Even so, her tender biological mother died early, and Ignite was her only family. Without Ignite, she would be nothing.

Fear and obedience to her father, and dedication to the Ignite family.

This has become the curse on Eve's shoulders.

Father is scary, but she still hopes that her father will recognize her as a member of the Ignite family.


"Next time… I will definitely...!"

She struggled to get up, knelt on the ground and pleaded.

"Next time I will definitely succeed for the glory of the Ignite family… for Ignite...! Even if I sacrifice my life...! So, father...!"

That's right, there is no other way out except "to live as an Ignite".

Otherwise, there was nowhere to go.


"Hmmph, there will be no next time."


Ignite mercilessly declared this to his biological daughter.

"You have been banished. You are hereby relieved of the position of the head of the Special Missions Annex, as well as the callsign [Magician], and the family name of the Ignite family. Your failure this time around is intolerable. I can't allow you to tarnish my reputation. So, I now end my relationship with you."


"Even though you have the blood of a filthy commoner, you still inherited the superior blue blood of the Ignite family. I thought you would come in handy one day and kept giving you chances... and it amounted to nothing. Enough, Get out of here. You can go wherever you want.”


"I have arranged a job for you to transfer to, and you don’t have to worry about your successor. As for this piece of trash in front of me, I have arranged a job that is fitting for trash. My lackeys in the Ministry of Education are in need of some human resources, you can go sell yourself there.''


"You are an eyesore, get lost, Eve… I hope we don't see each other again"

He left with these cruel words.

He walked away without looking back.


Eve stood there blankly.

She stood there in a daze——pale and still——



"... I'm so... stupid..."

"... Eve?"

"... I was... prepared… but… but… I didn't expect him to..."

Eve showed a fragile and empty smile in front of Glenn.

"... I… I wanted to be acknowledged by my father...I wanted to be recognized by the Ignite family… for this… I have been… for Ignite..."

Glenn suddenly felt a strange uneasiness.

He has a hunch that Eve might disappear from this world at any moment.

"For this… I also sacrificed Sara… I sacrificed my only friend… but… but...! But...!"

Eve covered her face and lowered her head, and began to tremble all over.

"I, I… Just what did I do all this for…”

Glenn walked towards her.

"Don’t come here!”

She suddenly shouted hysterically.


"Shut up! Stop being so nosy!"


"I order you! Glenn! Turn around!"

"I don’t want to..."

"This is an order! An order! Aren’t you my subordinate!? Hurry up, I command you to turn around! Do you dare disobey!? Do it!"

Normally, Glenn would not hesitate to resist it.

But this time he was frightened by Eve.

He also saw something in the corner of Eve's eyes.


Glenn sighed, annoyed... then turned his back towards Eve.

Suddenly, footsteps rushed toward him.

Donnn! Something hit him in the back.


Eve... slammed and clung onto Glenn's back.

What Glenn saw glimmered in the corners of Eve’s eyes.

Something that the ruthless woman of steel would never have——this is the second time Glenn had seen it.

Probably, it could have been anybody——

Eve just needed someone to vent her feelings to. She can’t overcome it alone.

However, Eve is accustomed to being strong and lonely, so she doesn’t know how to rely on others.

Therefore, the only one that she can vent her feelings to——the only one whom she can show her weak side——is Glenn, who she constantly argues with.

That is all there is to it.


Eve pressed her face into Glenn's back, hugged him with all her might as if she was going to break his spine, and then hammered Glenn’s back with her fist… Eve cried and trembled for a long time…

"...What a troublesome woman."

Glenn sighed and looked up.

Glenn stayed like this until Eve calmed down.

"So you were demoted… Sorry to hear that..."

"Shut up."

Glenn heard what happened from Eve, who had finally calmed down. In short, she took the blame and resigned as the head of the Special Missions Annex because she acted arbitrarily in the previous incident, which caused Fejite to fall into an unprecedented crisis, and she was punished by being demoted.

Glenn sighed.

Eve sat against the wall of the school building, slumped with her knees in her arms——keeping a distance from Glenn.

An awkward silence enveloped the scene.

"Seriously… If you didn’t try to take all the credit for yourself; if you honestly asked for help from Albert and the others, you wouldn't be crying regretfully here."

"Shut up……"

"Also, aren't the accomplishments of the subordinates also the glory for the superior? Usually, don't you just order us around and get credit for it? Why was it that in this incident, you were so anxious to monopolize the merit?"

"Didn't you hear that I told you to shut up? There are many circumstances you don’t know about… and I didn't cry."

Eve uttered.

(My back is drenched—and your eyes are still red like a rabbit.)

However, he did not dare to say it.

Glenn didn't understand all of Eve’s "circumstances"..

All Glenn knows is that Eve was dismissed and expelled from the Ignite house because of a mistake in her mission. She only told him about the outcome.

Eve must have many more complicated internal affairs, but no matter how Glenn asks...she just refuses to answer.

"Okay, I know you were relieved of your military position...but why did you come here? What's with your lecturer uniform?"

"You don't understand? Didn't the new headmaster Maxim say that in order to prepare for emergencies, the students should receive military training. And the tactical training instructor hired from the army is me."


Military training. Hearing this phrase, Glenn's eyes became sharp.

"...Don't glare at me. This is the national policy… Although I also think Maxim's reforms are a bit excessive."

" it true that the tension between the Alzano Empire and the Rezalia Kingdom has become worse?"

Glenn voiced the reason in his mind in a shriveled voice. Eve nodded.

"Yea... Having said that, war is not going to start right away, at least the second God’s War won’t start in the next decade——this is the conclusion of the Imperial Research Institute of Policy and Administration, Her Majesty is thinking about countermeasures… As long as her Majesty is there, our country will be safe."

"Then why...?"

"This is an overreaction of the Budan-ha to the highly aggressive and pressuring diplomatic strategy of the Rezalia Kingdom in recent years... Now the Budan-ha is very influential in the imperial government... strengthening the military is the main policy of the Budan-ha led by Azel Le Ignite… Sir Ignite’s decision.”

"... Ignite? Hey, is that not your..."

Eve said nothing.

She seems to be hiding some complicated circumstances. Glenn could only just shrug his shoulders.

"Anyway. I will be a lecturer here for some time now. Of course, in the form of a ‘military tactical training instructor’...please take care of me, Glenn."

Her “Please take care of me” was weak and somber.

"Hey... Although I know it's useless to say this to you, but I——"

"You oppose military training, right?"


"I know what you are thinking without you having to say it. After all, you are so naive, it's no wonder that you would think that way."

Eve said contemptuously.

"Let me make it clear first. Military training is simply just teaching technique, it’s neither inherently good nor evil. In fact, there is no plan to draft these students into the army. However, if something were to happen... capability or ineptitude determines how likely you are to survive. No matter how overprotective you are of your students, no matter how idealistic you are, you should clearly understand this right?”


"Moreover, when the war actually begins, whether you have received military training or not, you will be ruthlessly kicked onto the battlefield. It was like this forty years ago."

"Well, that’s true. The God’s War... the old man [Hermit] said that before..."

Glenn recalled the previous incident at the academy, the so-called “Fejite’s 3 worst days”.

That no one was killed in a battle like that... was a miracle in itself.

What can increase the probability of this kind of miracle... Needless to say, was what Glenn loathed——"power" of magic——and ”strength”.

"Are your students so fragile that they will go astray if they gain a little bit of strength?"

"No... that should be impossible..."

"...Then you should trust them more"


"Anyway, I won’t do anything bad. I’ll be careful. I will at least train them to a level where they have some confidence. This is just a ‘course’ anyway."


"Hmm... I am sure we would have a huge quarrel later if I didn’t talk to you first. So I came all the way here..."

Eve seemed to be a little awkward.

"...Who are you? Are you an imposter?"

Glenn blinked and looked at Eve blankly.

"...What do you mean?"

"No, that's what I mean. The you I know would say ‘Hmmph, let me clean and fix up this lazy and cowardly school. Oh, by the way, Glenn, don't get in the way, this is an order~’——Then bring the students into a hell where life is worse than death. I was prepared for this kind of mentality..."

"...Is that how you think of me?"

"A cruel, hysterical, and cold-blooded girl who can't get married."

"Why, you...!"

Eve was going to explode.

However, the next moment, the raging anger was extinguished as if a candle had been blown out... Eve sighed without any vigor.

"... I will work hard. Because I… other than this… have nothing..."

There was not a shred of her usual arrogant confidence.

As if Eve has suddenly grown old.

"...I have nothing… I have… nothing ..."

Seems like her wounds are deep.

Seeing her so weak, Glenn couldn't help but sigh.

Eve is different from her usual self, and this made Glenn bewildered.

"... By the way, I heard-"

Eve suddenly changed the subject.

"That your students... are going to fight a survival battle with Maxim's students?"


"Do you really understand? That Maxim? Do your students know who Maxim is?"

"... No, I think they probably don't know."

Glenn muttered while sighing.

"Maxim Tirano. The 366th year graduate of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Although he was an excellent student, he was very prideful, and often got into conflicts with students of the same grade. After graduation, he moved between all of the Empire’s magical institutions, but because of interpersonal problems, he never settled. One time, using some of his connections, he became the headmaster of the Magic Academy, but he was dismissed due to philosophical disagreements… Rick, an outsider, took over as headmaster. After that, he opened a private school called [Maxim Magic School] to train magicians with his own original educational philosophy. The primary students are the third-sons of nobles. His philosophy is prioritizing strength training. In other words, he is a freak who only sees magicians and magic as tools of war, the magician’s ‘strength’. Each of the students are like amateur soldiers. Perhaps it is due to the status of being unneeded children of rich families, but many of those students are quite rude. Still, Maxim has connections with the senior leaders of the Budan-ha, and he has crammed the graduates of his private school into various government agencies. Maxim is sort of a celebrity.”

"His so-called ‘Model Class’ are all his students...Your students are going to fight those ‘amateur soldiers’. What will you do?"

Hearing that, Glenn squinted and pondered.


——At the same time.

"Damn it, damn it all! That Glenn Radars!"

Maxim was gritting his teeth in his newly acquired headmaster’s office.

"Although I investigated this problem lecturer beforehand... but I didn't expect him to be so troublesome!"

He did not expect that his reforms would run into such a big obstacle.

"Hn... ‘Don't underestimate this academy’?"

Maxim clicked his tongue angrily.

Recalling what happened before——



"'s a pity, Rick."

"Your Excellency Maxim... So that's it. This sudden change in personnel is because of you?"

Rick looked up at Maxim with emotionless eyes after seeing the notice of dismissal sent by the Ministry of Education in the headmaster's office.

"Are you still holding a grudge against me for taking your position as headmaster?"

"No. It was just because someone with good eyes gave me a proper evaluation this time, and got me back to where I belong. You are obsolete... I will prove my philosophy is correct as the new headmaster here. Now get out. Former headmaster!"

Rick sighed… he has no choice but to leave his seat.

"Although I don't know what sort of backing you have… but I advise you not to underestimate this academy. The people in this academy are very tough… They certainly won't let you do whatever you want."

Saying that, Rick tidied his belongings and left the office quietly.

"Damn it, hateful until the very end!"

After Rick left, Maxim slammed the table angrily.

"As long as I am here, this old fashioned academy will definitely...! Rick, you can watch from the sidelines! I will lead this academy better than you! By my hands, the size of the academy and the students will be several times larger...! It will prove that I am a better educator than you!"

Maxim came to the window and looked around the academy's property.

The school building, the courtyard…Scars from the previous battle everywhere.

"First of all, we must rebuild this place, otherwise it will not be worthy of being ‘my territory’. All these old and decaying buildings should be torn down. I don't care about history or tradition. The new building should be bigger than the original one. So the new building can accommodate more of my students and faculties."

While Maxim was thinking about his future reform——

——Hehehe… I don't recommend that you destroy the building...

A female voice came from nowhere.

"Huh? What was that...? An illusion...?"

Then, on the window sill where he had his hand on, was a notebook.

"...What is this? It wasn’t here just now."

He picked up the notebook suspiciously and flipped through it.


Reading the words on it, Maxim couldn’t look away.


"Yes, there is no doubt about it. This is [Note of Alicia III]... it is the missing twenty-fourth notebook."


——Wandering in his memories, Maxim snaps back to reality.

"This notebook records all the construction plans of the [Inverse Campus], and it also has the ‘key’ technique to enter and exit the Inverse Campus. This notebook itself is a magic book to control the Inverse Campus. The lost ‘key’ turned out to be here……!"

Maxim couldn't help but grin.

"I can’t believe that guy Rick hid this incredible thing. Although I don't know where he got this from, I will use it how I see fit..."

Maxim thought. Then.

"Excuse me."

A girl in a school uniform walked into the office.

It is a girl with tied up hair and wore some rustic black-rimmed glasses. Her calm expression and sharp eyes give people the impression of an intellectual. However, this air of calmness radiates a cold feeling, unfit for a girl of her age.

The girl stared straight into Maxim's eyes... and said——

"I am Mabel Kreutzel, I have something to say to professor Maxim."

"...huh… oh, it’s Mabel… what do you need?"

Maxim froze for a moment, then responded impatiently.

"Does Teacher Maxim plan to open the Inverse Campus for his own educational reform?"

"Yes indeed, what's wrong with that?"

"Uh… I... oppose the opening of the Inverse Campus"

Mabel’s face showed dissatisfaction, but her voice was plain.

"Hmm. Why so."

"I heard that the Inverse Campus... was created by Alicia III."

Alicia III——a name that everybody in the Alzano Empire knows.

The thirteenth queen who ruled the Alzano Empire 400 years ago.

Alicia III pointed out, with foresight, that magic was the key to the prosperity and development of the empire, and consolidated the magic knowledge and skills scattered all over the empire. Although no matter who it was, they were suspicious of this approach.

The greatest result of her policy is the Alzano Imperial Academy of Magic, a national magician-cultivating institution built with immense expenses.

For the empire, Alicia III laid the solid foundation for the empire to become one of the magic superpowers of the continent. She was considered to be the greatest queen.

"Yes, even compared to other queens, Alicia III is an outstanding politician... and magician."

Maxim continued.

"She was the founder of the Alzano Imperial Academy of Magic and the first headmaster... After giving the throne to Mariabel II, she herself was actively involved in magic research and teaching students. The achievements she left won’t be doubted by anyone.''

"But... she is also a figure with a lot of rumors."

Mabel's words silenced Maxim.

As said, there are many strange anecdotes about Alicia III.

Such as...

"In the distant future, the incarnation of the devil will be born from the blood of the sacred royal family and bring disaster to the country."

Four hundred years ago, Queen Alicia III of the Arzano Empire was suffering from a strange illness and left such last words when she was about to perish——this is the most famous legend circulating in the streets.

Some people say that Alicia III was the first to persecute the "supernatural".

Others say that in her later years she was trapped by the delusion that "the sky will fall", and finally fell into madness… and developed a double personality.

Some people say that the mythical "Heaven’s Kreuz" was created by Alicia III.

Others say that she is the creator of [Project: Flame of Megiddo] and [Project: Revive Life].

The official cause of her death was illness, but in fact there are various rumors such as accident, assassination, or suicide.

Of course, these are just urban legends.

However, the great contribution made by the wise and great Alicia III cannot be overwhelmed by the numerous ominous urban legends and anecdotes about her.

"I heard that the Inverse Campus was created by Alicia III. Although it was established in accordance with the official national project to further develop the Magic Academy, there are rumors that it was actually to hide something terrible."

"That's just a ghost story similar to the seven mysteries of the academy… It's boring."

"In short, she has too many ominous rumors. I think it's best not to touch the things she created rashly. Let sleeping dogs lie."

However, Maxim laughed at Mabel’s suggestion.

"Aren’t you a student of my ‘Maxim Magic School’? Because of such unadulterated rumors, trying to persuade me to give up such a wonderful thing? Don't be stupid."

"However, the rumors say..."

"The rumors can't sway the superiors."

Maxim turned his back, as if to indicate that he had nothing more to say.


"About this matter, I have reported to the superiors of the Ministry of Education...that is, my backing. Those in power all agree that I should use the Inverse Campus to carry out reforms. After all, this is equivalent to expanding the academy’s space for free, and the number of students and faculty along with it. Other benefits will also follow. Is there anything more wonderful in this world?"


"Heh... the existence of the Inverse Campus guaranteed my success. The higher-ups also allocated a magnificent amount of funds to me without saying a word... It is impossible to back out now."

Mabel was silent, as if thinking about something.

"Yeah, Mabel, just what in the hell do you think you are saying?"

With a click, the door to the headmaster’s office was opened, and a few students poured in.

They are all students of Maxim… the students who have just been enrolled in the school as the “Model Class”.

"Zack?... I’ve seen you many times today."

"If professor Maxim's reforms are successful, then we were the driving force…seems like we are guaranteed a bright future huh, isn’t that right?"

The male student named Zack grinned.

"Indeed. When my reforms succeed, then I will use my connections to persuade the senior government officials to give all of you third sons of nobles a prosperous life."

"Then we must do our best to make sure the reforms succeed."

The Model Class headed by Zack became excited.

"Yes, I am not like my incompetent brothers who were destined to inherit the family and have an easy life just because they were born before me!"

"I don’t even even want that stupid land."

"But Professor Maxim has promised us a bright future with an easy job. We are so fortunate!"

"All thanks to Professor Maxim! This world really depends on connections! Hahahahahaha!"

These students are almost all the third sons of nobles who have no hope of inheriting the family business and territory, as well as the eldest ladies who ran away from home because their parents had forcibly arranged a marriage partner.

They could not abandon their aristocratic upbringings, nor did they have the work ethic to brighten their future like the other third sons in this world... They are just a group of people who clung to Maxim’s sweet words: "If you follow me, a good future is guaranteed," and became his followers.

"Hmph, in two weeks you will fight in a survival battle with the students in Glenn Radars' class using the Inverse Campus as the battlefield… understand?"

“Ooh we will beat them to a pulp, professor Maxim.”

“That Glenn is a third rate that can’t even chant a 1-verse spell!”

"Under professor Maxim’s guidance we are definitely better than those morons taught by that scum."

The Model Class presented opinions one after another.

They aren’t bluffing, because they don’t need to be concerned about anything, they just need to sincerely listen to Maxim’s words, then there is a "bright future"... Therefore, they have always accepted Maxim’s extreme education policy and gained exceptional strength.

"Hmph, students of this academy, enjoy it while you still can."

"Ah, speaking of enjoyment... Zack, don't you think there are many cute girls in this school?"

"Yeah! Hey... how about we grab a few?"

"Gahahahahaha! Alright, let us see who can bag the most then!"

"Hey, playing with women is the privilege of nobles, don’t overdo it."

Maxim had nothing to say to these disgusting students.

"Anyway, I expect excellent performance... Rather, you who have been receiving my ‘correct education’ will not disappoint——"

"Because our victory is certain——!"

Maxim and the model students had no doubts about their victory.

"Hmmph… Inverse Campus… I’ve discovered a wondrous thing..."

——Yes, I was hoping that real educators like you will use it——

Maxim picked up the "Alicia III's Notes" in his hand and smiled eerily…


And Mabel stared at him silently.


"Hey, Glenn. Do you really understand?"

In the courtyard of the school, Eve began to question Glenn who hadn't said a word for a while.

"Before the incident, I observed the strength of your students. I’m sure that you gave them proper daily lectures, and they indeed are strong… but they are strong… for students."


"With their current strength, they can't defeat Maxim's ‘Amateur Soldiers’. This will only result in their defeat... and you will be expelled from the academy."

Glenn kept silent with a sullen face.

"Don’t be so stubborn. Is it bad to cut your losses? You should explain the situation to the children, and sincerely apologize to Maxim and ask him to cancel the duel. Isn't this the place you finally found a place for yourself... Isn’t it the place you didn’t hesitate to leave me behind to protect?”

Eve snorted and threw up harsh words.

While Glenn was still silent——


"Seriously, why did you come to such a place! I have been looking for you for a while now!"

Rumia, Sistine, and Re=L appeared on the opposite side of the wall.

When they found Glenn, they rushed over.

"Aren’t we going to fight the Model Class!? Teacher should give us special training as soon as possible!"

"Everyone is waiting for you!"

"You are now responsible! You shoulder the future of the school... and if you fail, you will be removed. Can't you be more serious about this!?"

"Hey, Sisti almost cried saying ‘The teacher might get fired~’"

"Hey, Rumia! Didn't I tell you not to say that——!"

"Actually, the same is true for me. I want to protect this school... I want to protect the Teacher above all else——so..."

"Mmm, everyone wants to protect the school and Glenn together... although I don't understand very well."

"Uh, uh...? Wait, wait a minute! I always feel that the word ‘everyone’ is a bit cunning!?

Despite the dire situation, the three girls are still noisy.

Glenn looked at them... finally smiled confidently at Eve.

"...I understand, I will do it."

There was no ambiguity in his voice.

"Stupid. There is no chance of winning and you will be fired."

"Hmmph... it doesn't matter if I get fired or not."

Glenn retorted.

"Well I’m rusty for sure..."

Glenn spoke and glanced at the girls rushing over.

"But, as a teacher… I can't let the dreams of those little brats be destroyed."


"If I back out this time, then I am not worthy of being a teacher. It’s a better place to be if I were to back out... But since it is to protect them, then I must go."

After speaking, Glenn turned his back to Eve and faced the three girls who ran over.

"Hmm… you’ve really changed..."

Eve said, puzzled, and stood up.

"No, you haven't changed at all… just what did you find in this school...?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

Glenn looked back at Eve with a confused expression.

"Okay, let me help you then.”


"You can't carry them to victory all by yourself, right? I'll help you."

At this moment, Glenn was frozen in place.

Eve actually offered to help——the incredible occasion made him still, rapidly blinking his eyes.

"You? Help me? Oh what in the, just what kind of wind makes that noise!?"


Eve looked away.

"I just want to know something... you back then and myself now are the same, we both lost everything... I just want to know, what did you find here."


Glenn still looked at Eve dumbfounded.

"Ah! Miss Eve! You are here too?! Why are you here!?"

Sistine, who recognized Eve, ran to Eve excitedly.

*Editor's Note: The Budan-ha was a faction in Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s government that oversaw military affairs. The Bunchi-ha was the faction that oversaw political affairs. When Toyotomi Hideyoshi died in 1598, these 2 factions fought for control of the government which eventually led to the rule of Tokugawa Ieyasu.*


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