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General info:

I am a current university student, so don't expect speed in translation releases. Official Discord server:

Dedication to refinement:

The team is dedicated to refinement and will alter translations for better understanding. The alterations will not impact the original work's meanings.


All content released will be available to be indulged for free.


The reproduction, sale, and redistribution of content belonging to UrsaTL either in part or in whole without authorization is unlawful. Fair use is allowed under quantitative and qualitative substantiality, or under the 4 points of fair use.

*A simple disclaimer will not protect you from infringement if deemed so.

"Take not from others, to such an extent and in such a manner that you'd be resentful if they so took from you".

All rights of the translated content belong to original untranslated literary works' owners: Taro Hitsuji, Kurone Mishima, publisher Kadokawa, and other applicable entities. All intellectual property released by UrsaTL belongs to UrsaTL.

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