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Bastard Instructor Vol 11 Prologue

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 11 Prologue

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Executive Editor

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


“... Okay? My job... is in your hands!”

Glenn Radars

A magic instructor who hates magic. He declares war on Maxim, who is trying to destroy the place where Glenn is accepted.


Maxim Tirano The new school headmaster replacing Rick. He was inaugurated due to the militarism influence of the Alzano Empire. He wants to push the academy toward heavy military training and light on academic studies. However…?


Eve Ignite

The former head of the Imperial Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. Due to the prior incident, she was demoted by her father Azel. She is now an instructor at the academy.

Donnn! Something hit Glenn’s back.

“...what a troublesome woman.”

“En, Eve. Let’s bathe together.”

Re=L Rayford

Glenn’s old colleague. She still has her usual lazy personality. Seeing her old acquaintance, Eve, come to the academy, she seems… happy?

“Umm… Eve-san?”

Sistine Fibel

A proper ace student. She highly respects Eve, the captain of the Imperial Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. She is accepting special training from both Glenn and Eve, the latter has become Sistine’s new instructor.

(... what?)

“Ahaha… Can I be next to you?”

Rumia Tingel

A pure and gentle girl. She has grown after Fejite’s Worst 3 Days. Her maiden’s intuition regarding Glenn and Eve’s relationship makes her a little jealous!?


When I think about the students who admire my useless self…

“[Oh Crimson Flame Emperor・Hoist the Military Banner of the Eternal Flame・Ravage Them in the Scarlet Inferno]”

The seal of an instructor at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

The owl is the symbol of wisdom. The proof that one holds the position of a formal lecturer or professor at the academy.


Prologue: The Storm Returns

It has been a week since the catastrophe that was named “Fejite’s Worst 3 Days”.

Peace has returned to the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

The events prior left a gigantic wound in the students’ hearts, and it has yet to recover.

But, the students have overcome the hardship together, and have had massive growth.

Even the once self-deprecating supernatural girl.

“...Haa, I understand. Nothing can be accomplished smoothly… This world isn’t that kind… but…”

The sullen Glenn thought, opening his eyes.

A boundless blue sky covered his view.

The warm and bright sunlight gently poured onto the land.

The comforting tender breeze caressed his hair and body.

Seems like the disturbance before was all a dream.

“But, they definitely can… They all will… I feel… They can accomplish the dream that I couldn’t… creating a brighter future…”

It was like the whole world was blessing his hunch.

The sky, the sun, the wind all watched over Glenn——

“...So. This old man has got to leave it to the reliable youngsters, and take a nap here.”

——Watching over the sloppy Glenn lying flat on a bench.

In short, he is slacking off.

“Seriously… What sort of emergency calls for a campus-wide assembly? It probably is the headmaster or the board talking about some life lesson, I don’t have time to care about that.”

Glenn grumbled. He yawned and sat up, glancing at the quiet courtyard.

What is before him are the traces of a fierce battle.

The once blooming flower bed, the lush green field——all tattered, reduced to burnt ash.

Even though the classroom buildings were hastily being rebuilt, the damage is still readily apparent.

However, this painful sight is neither depressing nor lonely.

Butterflies danced in the destroyed flower bed, and new sprouts emerged from the field. A scenery that is full of life.

The sounds of repairs have not ceased.

The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy was gunning for a strong comeback.

“Geez. Can’t they suspend classes until the buildings are repaired… sigh… the first semester classes are ending soon, the long break is right around the corner… Why can't they be more accommodating?"

Glenn recounted his time at the academy——the events of this past half-year.

Thinking back——nothing good had happened.

For some reason, he has been caught up with trouble every single month. He has not had any time for a breather. Celica’s mansion, that he was living in, was destroyed. In an instant, he went from being a luxurious mansion dweller to homeless.

“Damn, Celica that bastard… What is ‘I will be out of town for a few days. Until the mansion is fixed up, go rent a hotel or something’!? Where do I get the money for a hotel!? Ever since I came to this school nothing good has come from it!”

Glenn gritted his teeth.

“But, next semester I will be able to live the life of my dreams… hehehe…”

Glenn smiled eerily and pulled out a slab-shaped magic calculator.

“My long-planned [Project G] is finally coming together! If this plan works… then… I…!”

Glenn passionately stood up and howled at the sky.

“Then I can get paid without workinggggggg!!!!”

This horrifying plan is named [Project G].

Some time before, Glenn secretly used Celica’s money to buy a [Copy Doll] from a magic workshop. Transforming it into Glenn’s appearance, inputting his behavior, and then leaving all the lessons to the doll, as Glenn reaps the income——[Project G] is Glenn’s dream come true.

Unlike the students who have grown through hardship, Glenn has not grown at all.

“Heeheehee… the programming is finally bearing fruit…”

Even so, letting the doll take over classes is concerning.

So Glenn decided to release the [Copy Doll] to the emergency assembly as a test run.

If the test succeeds, then Glenn is one step closer to his dream of “getting paid without working”.

“In the last conflict, the students learned to bravely face adversity. So, it is about time for me to chase after my dream… For a brighter future!”

Again… Unlike the students who have grown through hardship, Glenn has not grown at all.

“Right, time to see what is happening…”

Glenn skillfully operated the calculator in his hands.

After drawing some runic symbols, letters of light lined up and started to move on the slab.

Currently at the arena, the [Copy Doll] transmitted the images and sound.

The tablet activated by the spell starts to emit light from the crystal part, projecting a rectangular screen in mid-air.

The video is the emergency assembly in the arena.

Students from all over the academy are gathered in the spacious building… a man stood at the stage in the back, as shown by the live stream.

“Hoh? So this is what my substitute, the Glenn Doll, sees? Huh?”

Glenn stared at the man on the podium.

“...Who is that guy? …Was there someone like that at the academy?”

Glenn scratched his head puzzled.

That unfamiliar man suddenly declared a shocking revelation to the school--

“Your headmaster Rick Walken was dismissed yesterday.”


“Starting today, I, Maxim Tirano, will take over. Keep that in mind.”

For a while, Glenn did not understand. He was stunned and froze in place.


When he understood, he screeched at the sky.

Even the students in the projection were confused by the sudden turn of events——

——and so, the academy was caught up in a new storm.


Comments from the Team

From Executive Editor (AKA Anonymous Editor 1),

Want faster releases? Help out plox. Looking for people with university level English to assist in proofreading.

^ Contact SeVen#1733 on Discord for opportunities.

From UrsaTL,

Hey, it's me again. Now, I know I promised LN4 and LN5 before the continuation of LN10, but I just could not get the motivation to work on it. Furthermore, the content of LN4 and LN5 is covered in the manga and the anime. In a week, I have done 6 pages of LN4, while working on the remainder of LN10, I finished entire chapters in 1 week. So eventually, when we have caught up with the story next year, I will work on LN4 and LN5.

Join the official Discord at:

Enjoy the translations!

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