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Bastard Instructor Vol 10 Chapter 7

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 10 Chapter 7

Author: Taro Hitsuji

Illustrator: Kurone Mishima

Translated by: UrsaTL

Edited by: Anonymous Editor 1, Max

Content is for educational purposes only. Usage for financial gains is strictly prohibited.


Chapter 7 : The Final Death Battle

That——was beyond human understanding.

In such a magical battle, logic is futile.


Rumia raised the [Silver Key] over her head and turned it in the air.

A door opened in the space above her head——limitless energy rushed from the higher-dimensional domain and assaulted the demon.

Power comparable to the [Flame of Megiddo] swallowed the demon.


However, the demon effortlessly slashes it apart with knifehand strikes, and dashes for Rumia.

{TN: knifehand strikes are basically karate chops; knifehand is the karate chop hand format.}


Rumia turned and swung the [Silver Key] diagonally.

The silver trajectory divides the scene in front of Rumia——the space——diagonally into two.

That silver flash was an attack that tore everything apart along with the space it is in.

"That is indeed a tricky one to handle!”

The demon jumped horizontally, swiftly avoiding the hacked apart space.


Then he chanted a spell in an unfamiliar language—ancient magic.

Instantly, dozens of swords made of darkness appeared above the demon.

They are like a dark meteor shower pouring down on Rumia's head.

"Not done yet"

Rumia raised the [Silver Key] again and twisted it.

A cavity formed and absorbed all of the dark meteor shower——and turned it into a black tornado.

"Not bad.”

Taking this opportunity, the demon rushed behind Rumia and swung his knifehand, intending to take Rumia’s head.

Then, click——

——The key echoed——Rumia and the demon's position instantly swapped.

It seems that the space where the demon was located and the space where Rumia was located had been reversed.

Now, Rumia stood behind the demon.

She waved the [Silver Key]——as if to signal the end.

It was another slash that slices space——the dazzling silver line tore the space diagonally.

However, the demon had already escaped at swift speed.

"In that case——I will exile you to another dimension!"

Rumia squatted down, stabbed the key into the floor, and turned it.

Click. The entire hall was like a pane of stained glass portraying a serene scenery, then it shattered into countless pieces.

The infinite fragments of space fell into the void.


The demon lost his foothold and fell into the endless abyss——

——but he didn’t.


The demon, like Rumia, stood firmly in the empty space.

At last——

Everything changed back to the original state, and the two returned to the interior of the [Ship of Flames].

"Tsk... his existence is too large to be exiled..."

The spatial exile of the [Silver Key] is different from its observed phenomenon. It does not physically transport the object to someplace, but separates the entity's flesh, soul, and consciousness from this world, and forcibly sends it to another dimension.

Of course, as long as the target has the strength and willpower, the banishment will fail…

(...But I am already using full power...)

The incomprehensible power of the demon made Rumia a little nervous…

(No, it's not enough... I need more power...!)

Rumia was determined, and firmly held the [Silver Key]——

"...Heh... Is that alright for you?"

The demon laughed provocatively.

"You aren’t aware? Look, your alien appearance is difficult to look at..."


At this moment... Rumia is no longer Rumia.

Her eyes are hollow. What replaced the usual gentleness in her eyes is a pale abyss.

And——unknowingly, her back had wings like a butterfly——just like Nameless’.

"Do you understand? Whenever you use the power of the [Silver Key], you will drift away from being human...your ego will disappear. Let’s face your bare soul first.”

As the demon uttered these words——



Coming back to her senses, Rumia stood in a world of nothing but a blue sky.

There is no time and there is no concept of up, down, left or right.

The whole world is shrouded in a boundless and infinite sky.

This should be one's inner world... Located in the gap between dream and reality, the boundary line between consciousness and unconsciousness, it belongs only to one's spiritual realm…

In front of Rumia——is the only thing that exists in this world——another “Rumia”.

A Rumia, who wears the same ultra-thin garments like Nameless, with the same alien wings.

Her body was filled with tiny cavities, like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle... It was almost Rumia.


Her arms outstretched, and her body hung powerlessly. Countless chains bound her wings and limbs.

A girl imprisoned in an empty world by countless chains——alone.

Like a crucified saint.

Suddenly, the [Silver Key] that Rumia was holding flashed a dazzling white light.

One of the chains that bound the other Rumia was shattered.

"...I finally met you. The other me."

The other Rumia suddenly opened her eyes and smiled kindly at Rumia like the sun.

"But, your mission is over... leave the rest to me... okay?


——This is the spiritual world. It is a world that is free from the flow of time.

Therefore, this encounter was an instantaneous event——


Rumia——met her abominably evil self.


"Do you understand?”

The demon made a declaration of death to the silent Rumia.

"This key will obliterate your ego. No, it should be said that it resurrects you into your true existence... In short, if you continue to use the key, your sense of self will disappear."

Surprisingly. Rumia's shoulders shuddered slightly.

"I presume you already know this. Even if you succeed in destroying will also disappear from this world. Your ego will drown in the sea of your ​​consciousness, and you will become someone who is not yourself."


"Is this really good? You won’t hesitate to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others...what is the point of this? Are you truly satisfied with this?”

Facing the demon's provocation.

"...It's fine."

Rumia answered without hesitation.

"I shouldn't have existed in this world. Mother...Teacher...Sisti...Re=L...everyone...all got hurt because of me..."


"That’s why it’s okay. If I can trade myself for everyone's peace... I am willing to sacrifice myself... This is my true wish."

The demon sneered at Rumia's wish.

"…Moronic. It seems that you and that mad [Justice] are one and the same" The demon laughed.

"...No, that is correct, dedicate everything you have to the one you love——your existence was always like this. Even if the container is different, its original essence will not change... Then, there is nothing more to say.”

The demon took a stance and raised both of his hands.

His dark aura grew stronger——his existence swelled endlessly.

"Bring it on. The subsidiary container for the [Witch of Space]. Bring your selfless and senseless love to your death.”

"I won't let you succeed...I will protect everyone! I will protect everyone I love!"

Rumia raises the [Silver Key] again.

(That’s it)... Someone whispered in Rumia’s ear.

More dazzling divine silver light gushed out from the [Silver Key].

At this moment——the chains that bound the other person in her body seemed to be... cut off one by one.

A sense of her own ego diluting came within Rumia’s heart.

Even so. Rumia——


——Continues to use the [Silver Key].

"Uhh...Ahh...Damn it! It's endless!"


Glenn's fist and Re=L's great sword blocked the tumbling waves of golems—pushing them back—and dispersing them.

"[May the Storm Gather・Form a Hammer of War・Smash All Before Me]——!"

Sistine used the full power Black Magic [Blast·Blow] to smash the waves of golems, pushing them towards the end of the path.

However, a new wave of golems approached again——

"Damn it! How much longer! Just how much further is it?"

Glenn looked into the distance——at the monotonous straight passage without an end in sight.

It feels that no matter how long they walked, they still couldn’t get anywhere.

Enemies continue to pile out from every direction——enemies——enemies——and more enemies.


"The space here must be distorted... I'm afraid we probably can't get anywhere..."

Re=L muttered in annoyance, and Sistine also moaned regretfully.

"If this keeps up... Rumia... Rumia she..."


Glenn gritted his teeth and threw out punches.

Re=L couldn't restrain her irritation and proceeded to swing her great sword vigorously, knocking a group of enemies into the air.

(What to do...? What to do in this situation...? What should we do...!?)

The golems are not their opponent. However, no matter how small the fish, they will not be able to fight a prolonged battle.

Facing the desperate situation, Glenn frantically racked his brain to think of a solution——

——But he just can’t think of any.


On the other hand, at the academy—— "Hmmph!" Rick slashed the golem at a speed that did not match his heavy appearance.


Rick's contract spirit, Sylphy, summoned countless water bubbles, which floated in the air.

The barrier of bubbles that covered the entire roof blocked the heat rays emitted by the golems and protected the students.

"Tsk… I'm tired… Sure enough, I’m not as strong as when I was young..." As the commander of the eastern building, Headmaster Rick has been defending the students and attacking until now. However, his advanced age, injuries, and fatigue gradually made him unable to bear it.

"My dear... that...!”

At this time, Sylphy pointed to the sky in horror.

"Wh-what… that’s not good...!"

Rick looked up, and more golems than ever before were cascading toward the east building where Rick and them were.

"This, we can’t stop it this time...! Sylphy! Hurry up and protect the students!" "What!? What about you…!?”

"Don't worry about me!"

Rick looked up at the sky and was prepared to die.

"But, but...!”

Sylphy cried—— ——Crack

A sudden bolt of lightning illuminated the entire world.

A storm of thunder and lightning rushed down from the sky, disintegrating the enemies that came.

"Your excellency headmaster... leave it to me here." It landed on the roof with a gust of wind——that was Albert——standing in front of Rick and the others. "...You should protect the students."

With that said, Albert casted the Black Magic [Plasma・Field].

The roaring thunder instantly pushed the enemy's front line backwards.

His oppressive power——is domineering.

"Understood! Thank you, Mr. Albert!"

"Thank you for rescuing my husband!”

The arrival of reliable reinforcements rekindled the spirits of Rick, Sylphy, and the students.

However, Albert was distraught.

Because he had given up his responsibilities as a sniper, and was forced to the front line——it showed that the battle situation was extremely dire.


Albert glanced at the sky with a sharp gaze——and eyed at the [Ship of Flames].

Then he stared at the enemy in front of him again and began to chant a spell.


After this, there was no improvement to the situation.

The battle was a stalemate. Time passed slowly.

The sun is gradually setting…

Many people were injured... exhausted... but they continued to fight with hope of winning.

However——until the end, the situation did not get any better.


That word began to weigh heavily on everyone's heads.



——At dusk, when the sun is about to melt into the horizon.


The demon crossed his knifehands in an X.

The dark aura materialized into a huge sword and attacked Rumia.


Rumia turned the [Silver Key] immediately.

The empty space attempted to suck in the sword——but couldn’t.


Splashes of blood. The sharp blade slashed Rumia's body.

"What's wrong!? Is that it!? You counterfeit [Witch of Space]!”

"Hmph——it's not over yet——!"

——Rumia twisted the key, again and again.

The space around the demon is cut into a sphere, then the sphere is compressed into an infinitely small point with the demon in the center——in order to pulverize the demon into dust——

But it failed.

"Wha——!?" The demon outstretched his limbs swollen with dark aura and resisted the compression——

"...Sure enough, this is all you got."

The demon waved his knifehand and broke Rumia's space compression attack.


The shockwave generated when the compressed space returned to its original state blew Rumia away.

“Cough… Ah...!? This, this...!"

Rumia struck the wall, and twisted the [Silver Key] three times in pain.

Three silver slashes.

The silver flashes broke apart the demon at the speed of light——


——but it didn’t.

The demon parried them all with his knifehands.

"Ah…. Aahh… Cough… How..."

Rumia, who was constantly using otherworldly superpowers, wailed painfully and unwillingly.

"Don’t you notice it? Rumia Tingel. Your [Silver Key]...With every use, with the passage of time, it gradually weakens.”

"...Why... how could...?"

She knows. The shine of the [Silver Key] dimmed as the battle progressed. That omnipotent and absolute power seemed to have disappeared.

For some reason, the power of the current [Silver Key]... was very weak.

"Please, give me power [Silver Key]! I won't be able to protect everyone if this goes on! I want to protect everyone! No matter what you take from me... So, please...!"

However, [Silver Key] no longer responded to Rumia's earnest and sorrowful plea.

"Hmmph. It seems that you are imperfect filth after all..."

The demon said in a pitiful tone.

"If you are truly qualified to wield it, then how can the insignificant self that I am——dare to act presumptuously in front of that divine [Silver Key]... Because from the start, you were an incomplete [Witch of Space]... I don’t need you"

"Uh, ah... how... can..."

Rumia raised the [Silver Key] trembling in pain…


...and swung it down.

(Please, end this. Destroy that demon——)

Mustering her last thread of strength, along with her final wish, Rumia unleashed the [Silver Key]’s power...



The [Silver Key] did not give off any power.

Rumia’s [Silver Key] had lost its brilliance.

“W-why…?” “Hmmph!”

The demon attacked the dazed Rumia with countless swords of darkness.


The dark meteor shower pierced Rumia’s limbs and wings——blowing her away and pinning her to the wall——incapacitating her.

“It’s over.”

“Ah… how could...? Why did it turn out like this…?”

Rumia had given her all, even using the taboo power that should be avoided.

For the people she loved and everyone else, Rumia had done her best.

“Why??… I…——”

——Can’t protect anyone.

Could it be that she, the one who should not have been born into this world, does not even have the right to desire?

Just as Rumia was saddened by her powerlessness——

“Hmm… The fight is about to be settled on the ground too… just as planned.”

The demon looked up as if he just remembered something, and gazed at the projection over his head.


That was——



“Run! Run away! Run for your lives!”

The students on the roofs scrambled to evacuate in droves.

"... N-no way...?"

"Tsk… We’ve come so far, and then this bastard comes out...!?"

Liz and Jaill stared at the sky blankly, with sweat on their foreheads.

The morale of the students was high from beginning to end. The premonition of defeat spread with injury and fatigue… but nevertheless they did not give up.

Everyone firmly believes that as long as they can endure this, they will win.

However, a gigantic nightmare suddenly emerged, shattering their hopes.

It covered the sky and shook the world when it landed.

A massive golem that was larger than the school building fell from the sky.

It was a humanoid built of blocks of bricks. The golem wielded its brute strength and began to destroy the classroom buildings.

No one could beat it——its overwhelming brute strength made everyone think so.

"Tsk...! Go to sleep, fat ass!"

Bernard quickly climbed onto the giant's body and attacked its head with his full-power dark arts.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Stop...!"

Baron Zest released a strong wave of psychological attack from his staff, attempting to stop the giant.

However, the giant was not affected at all.

"Damn it, how do you fight such a ridiculous opponent!"

Soon, the frontlines can no longer be held. There is only an ending of complete collapse.

The students on the roof scrambled to withdraw.

The students who were responsible for maintaining the protective barrier began to withdraw as well.


Wendy on the roof of the south building also planned to retreat, but——

——She accidentally tripped and fell.


At this time, the giant raised its arm, intending to destroy the entire teaching building——

Under its gigantic fist——was a petrified Wendy.

Wendy couldn't stand up, so she stared up at the fist descending on her——


Teresa hurried back, and she threw herself on Wendy.

"Teresa!? Why...!? Hurry, run away——"

"...I will always be with you, Wendy..."

The giant mercilessly swung its fist down.

A Crushing mass hurled——

The huge fist smashed the two together with the teaching building——at that instant.

Great flames erupted into the sky.

A bloom of blood splattered all over.


Wendy and Teresa raised their heads in horror.


They saw the back of a red-haired woman... It was Eve.

The moment the giant swung its fist, Eve released a burst of flames at very close range.

The explosion deviated its fist, however, the fist still shattered the ground beside her.

However, the fist brushed Eve's body.

One side of her torso was already dripping with blood.

"E-Eve-san...? Just to protect us...?"

"...Hurry up and go."

Eve watched the giant slowly retract its arm.


"Hurry up and leave... don't expect me to save you next time! Hurry up!"

Eve, with blood on the corner of her mouth, shouted angrily.

Teresa came back to her senses and helped Wendy up and hastily led her to retreat.

"...What am I doing... how stupid..."

Eve stared blankly at the giant raising his fist again.


"...Barrier maintenance rate is 51%...43%...tsk...39%...It's a pity"

Controlling the barrier, Christoph realized that they lost.

After all, the barrier had fallen through the threshold that can prevent [Flame of Megiddo]——40%.

Because of the giant who suddenly appeared on the frontline, everyone's morale was completely broken.

(...So that's it... At first, he deliberately paralyzed us with hope with a gentle offensive... then waited until we reached our limit before launching a real offensive... cunning...)


Due to the degree of damage, there was no room for recovery.

"Everything is over…"

The only thing left to do is to let as many people as possible retreat to the underground area to increase the survival rate as much as possible...For the [Flame of Megiddo] that will come soon, it is but an insignificant cup of water on an ablaze cart of firewood... Perhaps it was overly optimistic to call it even insignificant.

Christoph began to dispel the purposeless [Luciel’s Sanctuary]——


" could...why..."

Rumia, pinned to the wall, was raining tears and watching the academy being destroyed.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Do you understand how powerless and insignificant humans are!? Human beings are specks of dust in front of more powerful forces! That was why I was desperate at that time, and chose to abandon my humanity!”

The demon who watched this scene stretched out his hands and laughed.

"Everything is over."

The demon ignored Rumia and went to the throne to operate a stone monolith.

The [Ship of Flames] began to rumble.

"N-no way!?"

"That's right. That damned [Luciel’s Sanctuary] has lost its power, and can no longer stop [Flame of Megiddo]. With the [Flame of Megiddo], I shall reduce Fejite to ashes ”


The demon ignored Rumia's sorrowful cries and operated the monolith plainly.

The energy gathering in the [Ship of Flames] was constantly expanding and can be felt with one’s bare skin.

"Please! Stop it!"

"Hmmph... shut it fake angel. Curse your incompetence——and pray. Pray for the next you to become the perfect existence——not a defective product like you now.”

"No! DON’T!!"

Rumia's cry was meaningless.

The demon drew symbols on the monolith——the operation was neatly and mercilessly finished.


The [Ship of Flames] shined with a crimson light.

The light of destruction shone on the academy, above Fejite.

The fiery scarlet sphere like the sun once again appeared on the bottom of the ship, gradually expanding——

——Descending onto Fejite again at the speed of light.

Fejite's entire domain is wrapped in an incandescent white.



Rumia dejectedly screamed, about to lose herself.

"Look! Look at those ephemeral and powerless specks of dust! That is what humans are! AHAHAAH!”

Rumia's scream and the demon's maniacal laughter sounded at the same time.

"Ah… a… aa-…”

"Now then..."

The demon walked towards Rumia with his back towards the projection.

Rumia, staring straight at the projection in tears, is broken.

"Hmm... Although you are an incomplete and imperfect witch... I can't bear to see you like this... Let me free you swiftly... This is mercy..."

The demon raised his knifehand at Rumia.

Rumia didn't respond, just blankly staring at the projection over her head.


The demon tried to slash his knifehand on Rumia’s head——

——At this moment


Suddenly, Rumia's eyes, who looked up at the projection, regained their light.

"…huh? What are you...looking at?”

The demon, puzzled by Rumia's reaction before her death, turned his head... and looked at the projection that Rumia was still staring at.

That restored projection reflected the impossible.

Fejite should have been turned to cinders—the city which should have been removed from the map, is unscathed.

It clearly exists.


The demon howled at the unbelievable sight.

"Impossible!? How can that be! That abominable [Luciel’s Sanctuary] has fallen below the lower threshold of 40%! It can't prevent the [Flame of Megiddo]! But why...why can't it disintegrate you...why have you not perished——!”

Regarding this…

"...You look down on humans too much"

An impatient voice sounded.

"You, you are——"

Suddenly——Nameless appeared beside Rumia.

"You were also human once. After gaining extraordinary power, you seem to have forgotten the power of human beings. That arrogance and stupidity——is the reason you lost.”


"Listen carefully, Rumia. You should be able to hear it hear their voices"



"You, you guys are...!"

Kai and Rod's eyes widened.

Threatened by the giant, those who were responsible for maintaining the barrier had to retreat downstairs.

But——suddenly a large group of students rushed up, as if going against the current——they reached out to the magic circle next to them, and began to send magic power to the barrier.

"Kreiss... Enna...!?"

"Those of you who have given up fighting, why are you...!?"

Seeing that the students who had given up fighting all rushed up to maintain the barrier desperately... the students who were planning to retreat stopped.

"…I was so scared that I couldn’t do anything… I’m tired of myself... all sorts of thoughts like this...!"

"...I… just... can't leave her alone...!"

Kreiss and Enna shouted with complicated expressions.


"That Rumia... is fighting for us wimps...!"

"We clearly did nothing to help...but she still desperately tried to protect us...!"

"And... her expression was so depressing!"

The sincerity that Rumia wore on her shoulder, giving her life in exchange for everyone else’s, moved the hearts of these cowardly people.

"She isn’t a saint who just wants to give everything away! She is an ordinary person! She is neither a saint nor a lunatic! She is just an ordinary person! Just an ordinary person with extraordinary power!"

"Letting ordinary people like her shoulder everything, and then pretend it was nothing and live on... I’d rather die than live pathetically!"

"Maybe it's too late...maybe we will die...but we will continue to fight!"

The petrified deserters who had done nothing so far——

And Kai and Rod who have witnessed their determination——

"Alright... let's do it...!"

——Morale rekindled like a flame.

"Yeah...things have already turned out like this. Whether I am crushed by that giant or burned to ash by [Flame of Megiddo]... It’s death either way...!"

"Then we will fight till the end...!"

Everyone agreed and was determined to remain in the teaching building--then prepared to maintain the barrier till their demise.


"Barrier maintenance rate at 40%...41%... it held at the critical moment...!"

"Really! Hell yeah! I thought we were finished!"

Christoph's report made Bernard clench his fists, overflowing in joy.

"Then we need to do everything to stop that giant! Listen up, this is the decisive battle! All forces, fight with everything you have!"

"""""Yes sir!"""""


All the students thrown into the final battle were driven by an invisible force and began to shout to the sky——






They all didn't privately reach any consensus, and they have no idea about Rumia's current situation.

But everyone felt that they had to do it——their heart and soul felt so.

The calls that theoretically couldn’t be heard——transcended distant space, and reached Rumia's heart far away in the sky.

If magic theory is used to explain this phenomenon...It can be said that all people are integrated with the world in the realm of deep consciousness...and etcetera. There are many explanations for the may be taboo to state this——

——But this is a miracle caused by human emotions——this explanation is enough.


"Ah, ah... everybody..."

The voices that rang, echoed in her soul, made Rumia weep.

"Really... I...really... can stay here...?"

"Rumia, it’s time for you to be honest..."

Nameless’ words carried an unprecedented tenderness——

"You said so before: That you will sacrifice everything, even if you lose yourself... Saying that that was what you desired... But is that truly your wish?”


She can't hide it anymore.

Because now… She eagerly yearns for——

"No! I don't want that! I don't want to lose myself! I want to be with everyone! I want to go home... I want to go home! With Teacher, Sisti, and Re=L... with everyone! I want to be at the school I love forever!"

This is...Rumia’s contradiction.

She is a child who should never have been born.

She had to give up her own happiness——or rather she must give it up.

This is why she prioritizes others above herself——

She has to be a saint; she must become a saint.

But——is she really and truly altruistic??

She made a valiant effort to be that kind of person… but in the end, she isn’t.

Rumia clearly knows in her heart that she has to shoulder everything, and she must give up all the happiness that ordinary people would have... But in the end, she still couldn't bear to give it all up.

The trajectory of her life thus far is the evidence.

She was content with the status quo and decided to continue to be a student——staying in school with the mentality of living just one more day.

Even though she was willing to give Glenn to Sisti, she still acted like a baby to Glenn whenever she was given the chance.

She can't abandon her happiness. Disgusting——

——What sort of saint is this?

So now, when the situation is dire, she would sacrifice herself and become the saint who saves everyone——but she couldn't even accomplish this.

She must admit it to herself. Rumia is neither a saint, nor a good kid, nor a strong person——

Just an ordinary girl.

She just kept running away from herself... The ugly, weak, and ordinary girl that she is.

Face the weakness and ugliness. Fight the weakness and ugliness.


Search for a way to be happy even if she was an entity that shouldn't be born into this world.

Explore, don't escape it. Fight——and triumph.

"Oh my, what a pain... Yeah, it's alright. You are different from her. You are are different from her. You are just an insignificant human... it's fine..."

Nameless said softly as if she sensed something.

"Now, say it, Rumia... your true wish."


"I asked you to remember what I said before. The ‘Keys’ are a power older than magic. It is something that exists only to realize the pure desire of mankind——a ‘primordial power’. It cannot be manipulated with reason and logic like magic...It is thaumaturgy manipulated by desire and instinct."


"Your false desire clouded the key’s brilliance. But now, say your wish... your sincere desires. It will be your strength.”

Nameless urged.

Rumia took a breather...and hugged the [Silver Key] tightly to her chest...slowly closed her eyes and said:

"I want to live with this beloved gentle world..."


Sheen! The [Silver Key] gave off an unprecedented divine light.


It was incredibly dazzling, it dyed everything in an incandescent white——

In the pure white world of nothingness.


——Oh, what a pity.

——In the still failed to be me.

——...Goodbye, another me... Let's meet again in the future.


It felt like someone whispered in Rumia’s ear——


The deafening sound reverberated throughout the world.

Suddenly, the [Silver Key] in Rumia's hand shattered——

At the same time, the alien wings behind her also turned into particles of light and dissipated——.


Not a single word.


At last——


The demon’s deep laughter echoed.

"... [Silver Key], disappeared?”

The demon proudly declared his victory to Rumia and Nameless.

"Although I don't know what you wished to the [Silver Key]... but it was a lethal blunder. Without the [Silver Key], how would you fight me?”

"Idiot, don't you understand?"

Nameless answered like it was a matter of course.

"...Because she no longer needs it."


…At this time.

The space above Rumia's head suddenly began to audibly distort.

Purple lightning began to wander in the air, and cracks appeared in the void——a huge “gate” opened.

A path of light connected with each other.

The dazzling light tore through the darkness——dispelling all the blades of darkness binding Rumia——



From the opposite side of the path of light——the person who flew out from the “gate” is——



Seeing the person she had been longing for, made Rumia’s eyes hot.

"Sorry for the wait!"

"Mn. Leave it to us!"

——Sistine and Re=L followed suit.

The three of them traversed the distant space, across the path of light, and confronted the demon to protect Rumia.

"Hey! Lazar! It’s about time to end this farce!"


Facing Glenn's confident smile, the demon took a step back in disbelief.

"How…? You should be exiled and trapped in the crevice between the dimensional planes... How were you able to return!? This incomplete vessel, the imperfect [Silver Key] should not be enough to bring you back...!? Damn it, Rumia Tingel! What the hell have you done?!”

"How many times do you want me to say it... You look down on humans too much."

Nameless said impatiently.

"Rumia, take a break first! Sistine! Re=L! Let’s go!"



With Glenn in the lead, Sistine and Re=L took a brave stance——

"Wait! I want to fight too!"

Rumia stepped forward to join the others.

"Please accept my power!"

The golden light overflowed from her hands and gently enveloped the entire space.

The light flowed into Glenn, Sistine, and Re=L——

"This is…!?"

"[Ars Magna]! I can transcend space now——I don’t need to be in contact with you to give you strength!"

"Hm... I feel a mysterious power in my body...! It’s like the strength of 100 people...!”

Glenn felt a surge of power welling from inside him, and chuckled.

"Wh-what...!? How…! ? How, as human reach this state!? That power the power of...that person...!?”

“How many times do I have to say it.”

Nameless spat irritated.


Glenn raised his fist filled with immense magical power——


Re=L forged a greatsword and rushed towards the demon——

"Foolish! Did you forget that my body is made of adamantite!? Watch me smash you——"

Glenn's fist and the demon’s fist——collided head-on.

Donnn! The impact sound and shock wave seemed to tear the space apart.

The overwhelming power of the fists on both sides literally crushed the space.

But the demon's body is made of adamantite.

It stands to reason that Glenn’s fist should be disintegrated, and his hand will be blown off whole—



Instead——parried. Glenn's fist was not crushed.

Glenn’s fist was neither pushed back nor advanced.

And during that opening——


Re=L, who had rushed into the bosom of the demon at insane speed, swung her great sword with all her might.

Shock waves and impact sounds seemed to shatter the space again.


The demon's body was thrown into the air by the sword, like a ball being kicked.

The great sword that smashed against the demon's body——was unscathed.

"Kuu... Absurd!? What's that sword!? How on earth——!?”

"[May the Storm Gather・Form a Hammer of War・Smash All Before Me]——[Zwei]! [Drei]!"

The three consecutive battering rams of wind released by Sistine pummeled the demon.

The power, incomparable to usual, obliterated the surrounding monoliths to pieces. The hurricane flung the demon embarrassingly like a doll, silencing him.

"Shut your mouth!"


Glenn and Re=L pursued the demon.

Glenn's fist, Re=L's great sword, Sistine's spells——the attacks came from every direction. Pummeled, knocked down, and thrown up, the upset demon was unilaterally suppressed.



On the other hand, the final counterattack against the giant began.

"[BootBlaze Burst]!"

"[Boot・Lightning Pierce]!"

"[Boot・Ice Blizzard]!"

{TN: The equivalence to Mythical’s [Execute・spell]. The kanji is “Spell Activate” but the kana is ブート (bu-to) making it “Boot”.}

All the people still able to move surrounded the giant, using their last bit of magic power to release attack spells.

"[Rapid Barrier Deploy・Quarts Circle]!"

Christoph used the magic power the students transferred from the school to build a new barrier under the feet of the giant. A myriad of ice pillars sprang up from the ground, skewering the giant and locking it in place.

"[Oh Vicious Demoness・With Cursed Arms・Embrace Them]!"

Baron Zest cooperated with the crystal barrier and constructed a suppressive mental interference field, restraining the giant's movements.

However, the giant still forcibly raised its right hand under the intense barrage to destroy the teaching building.

"I won't let you succeed! [Roar Flame Lion]——[Collect]!"

Halley pointed towards the sky, and used Activate Convergence——


Bernard flew in the air on a wire, and unleashed his dark arts——


Albert held [Blue Lightning] in one hand and began magically sniping——

The attacks pummeled the giant's right hand, and nullified its power to swing its fist downward.

The all-out assault of everyone present completely blocked the giant's actions.



The demon made a pitch-black slash at the persistent Glenn and the others.

"Damn humans! Why are you so persistent! I transcend human existence! I am the supreme being that you should not bear your fangs towards! Why you...!?”

"Heh...I don't give a shit!"

"I don't have time to fight with dust like you! My mission——is to gift the Akashic Records to the Great Prophet! The Akashic Records is the all-knowing and all-powerful God! It is what this world longs for, the true ‘Lord’ that we yearn for! Don’t you dare hinder my noble mission!”

"I don't understand the records you are talking about, nor am I interested..."

Glenn declares to the crazy demon.

"Let me say it’s time to end this farce."

Glenn raised his revolver over his head, chanted a certain spell, and cocked the hammer with his thumb.

"[SET (0 Focus) ]..."

Hum. An unknown weird magic power welled in the gun.

"...What is that...Is that your trump card?”

"Yes, it's a magic bullet that will defeat you."


"Hahahahaha…defeat me?”

Glenn's arrogant words evoked the demon, and also calmed the demon in an instant.

"Huh...I suppose you sealed some kind of magic into a bullet and then shot it out——but did you think that facing the Demon General, with the body of adamantite, such a trick would work?”

"...Oh, how can I know if I don't try"

But the demon only regarded Glenn’s words as a bluff.

"Anyway... I will give you credit for your effort... I’m surprised, as you were able to push me, the Demon General, to such an extent."


"But… it ends here. It is true that you humans have exceeded the limit. But you still don’t have the means to damage my adamantite body.”


"Thinking back, I shouldn't have used toys like golems or giants... I should have slaughtered you all in the first place. Eliminating all of you first, then descend to the ground and kill all the people in that nasty academy... and incinerate Fejite with the [Flame of Megiddo]!”

With that said, the demon readied his stance... his power of darkness became stronger.

The limitless sense of pressure, his presence, brings forth despair in people.


"You know what... You seem very upset because we disrupted your plan... But don't forget. We are even more furious than you..."


Glenn's domineering pressure from nowhere pressured the demon.

"I'm too tired to keep talking to you. All I want to tell you is this——"

Glenn pointed his gun at the demon——

"Don’t you dare… Lay a finger on my students!”

For a while.

The demon lost his words…


The demon laughed contemptuously.

"Well, give it a try... When your trivial trick fails... then it is time for your demise.”

The demon lowered his body and further increased his dark power.

Glenn aimed his gun at the demon, and patiently waited.

The tense atmosphere is like a high-voltage electric current stimulating Glenn's skin.

Glenn and the demon stared at each other——

At last.

At the moment when the tension swells to its maximum limit——

"Die! humans!”

The demon kicked the ground abruptly, became just an after image, and attacked Glenn.

His swift speed——if there hadn’t been Rumia’s [Ars Magna]——Glenn would not have noticed what happened, and would have been pulverized.

However, Rumia's power also promoted Glenn to the same speed as the demon.

At this moment, the passage of time became unusually slow——

The heightened tension and concentration slowed down time.

The demon's rapid movement——can be seen clearly.

"Idiot. You let your guard down, you monster!"

Glenn took aim at the demon who rushed forward without any feints——

And pulled the trigger.

The hammer moved slowly—slowly hitting the primer behind the cylinder, and the explosion of the primer spread into the chamber, and ignited the magic gunpowder [Eve Kaiser's Bullet]——

Burst——the pressure of the gunpowder produced in a moment ejected the projectile out of the muzzle——

The projectile...slowly...straightly… flew towards the demon… and struck him on the chest...


The bullet easily succumbed to the adamantite body.

The magic bullet——did not perforate the demon.


"Idiot! You let your guard down, you human!”

The demon raised his knifehand and pulled closer to Glenn, whose eyes widened and his body stiffened——

"My adamantite is indestructible! Invincible! The strongest!!"

At this moment.


Re=L rushed towards the demon with a great sword.

"[Thunder Emperor’s Spear]!"

Sistine shot [Lightning・Pierce] at the demon.

"It's useless! Useless useless useless useless useless USELESS!”

However, the demon used his right hand to repel Re=L's greatsword——and used his left hand to defuse the lightning.

Then he completely ignored Re=L and Sistine’s support attacks, and shortened the distance to Glenn——attempting to penetrate Glenn's body with his knifehand.

However, at this time, the demon found out——

——Glenn smirked.

“You bit the bait... [SET]!"


In the short time that Re=L and Sistine earned, Glenn primed the hammer again.

Then——raised the gun up and forward——

The knifehand strike of the demon crossed Glenn's revolver’s muzzle.

Literally——just a little, that sliver of difference.

This little difference caused the muzzle of the pistol to hit the Demon's chest before the demon's hand knife impaled Glenn's chest.


"You're done——original magic [Fool’s—— (Pene——)"


At this time.


Watching this scene, Sistine noticed——and realized——

The scene from the fairy tale "The Magician of Melgarius".


——Ah, no one can stop the demon of adamantite.

——When everyone was in despair, the disciple of the magician of justice stepped forward.

——He prodded the demon's chest with a short stick.

——An incredible thing happened... The demon suddenly collapsed and died——


A short stick-poked in the demon's chest. Short stick… short stick?

The scene before him was that Glenn's pistol——the short stick was pressed against the Demon’s chest.

This scene was exactly——


"——Stab (——trator)]!"

Pulling the trigger——

The muzzle growled again. The thorns of death spat out in flames——

——The unthinkable happened.

The bullet shot by Glenn——

The invincible adamantite——the demon’s body——


Comments from the Team

Hey, it's UrsaTL.

So a few things:

1. University began, so translations will be released slower than usual--but it is still months faster than Mythical (no offense buddy if you read these!).

2. Zwei and Drei in Sistine's spell are German for 1 and 2 respectively. A TN insert is not needed in these cases. We might not even have it in the translator afterwords in the future.

3. There are instances where there is a (word) in (parentheses) in some spells. For example: [SET (0 Focus)]. "SET" is the katakana pronunciation, while "0 Focus" is the kanji meaning. In these cases, both the kanji meaning and the katakana pronunciation are EQUALLY significant, so we stated both. The arguably less suitable aspect will be put in parentheses. These will occur later, so in order to save you the hassle of remembering details across chapters, we will put these in the first appearance in each chapter.

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Enjoy the translations!

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Benedikt Tscherfinger
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Thanks for the translation. Btw i am from Austria and "zwei" "drei" mean 2 and 3, not 1 and 2.


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Itachi Uchiha
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